Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 107

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 107 – Expel Those Two Children

The teacher immediately agreed with a smile once she heard that Aubree wanted to donate to the kindergarten and called the head of the kindergarten.
She hung up after a short conversation and brought Aubree to the head’s office.

He had been waiting in his office for a while and immediately poured a cup of tea for Aubree the moment they entered. “Please take a seat, Ms. Pearson,”
he said with a large smile on his face. Aubree took the cup of tea from him and sat down on the opposite seat.

“I assume you’ve probably heard of my reason for coming here.” The head of kindergarten nodded. “I heard you wanted to donate some equipment to the kindergarten. I want to thank you on behalf of the children.” He had just finished talking when he noticed how stoic the person in front of him looked.

Aubree sipped her tea with a chilly expression and said just as coldly, “That’s not all. I’m willing to donate five million to this kindergarten as well. You can
do whatever you want with it, in exchange for one simple favor.”The head of kindergarten looked at her in confusion. “

Which is…?” “A little while ago, the kindergarten seems to have taken in Roxanne Jarvis’ children. I would like for you to expel them from this institute.” Aubree narrowed her eyes, her expression frosty.

The head of kindergarten and the teacher looked at each other in confusion upon hearing Aubree’s words. Lucian had mentioned it to them before, but he had taken it back rather quickly. Now, they were hearing it again from Aubree.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Ms. Pearson, what happened between you and Ms. Jarvis?” the head of kindergarten asked cautiously.
Aubree glared at him. “You don’t need to know so much.

All you need to know is that I don’t want her children and the Farwell children in the same school. I believe you’re not completely unaware of the arranged marriage between the Pearson family and the Farwell family.” The head of kindergarten nodded frantically. “Yes, I’ve heard about it.”

“I’ve had some personal issues with Roxanne in the past. I’ll be Estella’s mother soon, and if my daughter gets bullied by her son, will you be
responsible for that?” Aubree threatened mildly.

At the mention of the Farwell family, the head of kindergarten thought about how Lucian had said himself to not expel those children. Didn’t that mean
that he wanted them to stay in this kindergarten?

But now that the future Mrs. Farwell was making such a request, the head of the kindergarten didn’t really know what to do.
Aubree noticed his hesitation and placed her teacup down, clinking it loudly against the table.

The head of kindergarten’s heart clenched nervously due to knowing her power. “The Farwells have also invested in this kindergarten quite a bit, right? Imagine what a few words from me could do to your future. You definitely won’t have their investments to look forward to,”

Aubree said, adding fuel to the fire. The head of kindergarten broke out in a cold sweat. He couldn’t really go against her will because of her constant mentions of Lucian, so after a long bout of hesitation, he finally relented. “I got it. I will expel them.”

Aubree smiled in satisfaction. “I want to hear news of those kids getting expelled by tonight. If so, the five million will be going straight to the
kindergarten’s account.” The head of kindergarten nodded feverishly to everything she said.

“Since our deal has gone through, I won’t be staying for much longer,” Aubree said as she stood up. Both the teacher and the head of kindergarten sent her off at the gate. When she was about to leave, Aubree seemed to remember something and turned back to warn them coldly,

“I almost forgot. Please keep everything that went on today under wraps. I don’t want Roxanne coming after me if she hears about it.” She was mainly afraid that Lucian would hear about her doing things without his approval, but she didn’t want the head of kindergarten to feel suspicious.

That was why she just used Roxanne’s name. The head of kindergarten nodded in agreement.

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