Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 106

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 106 – It Was Supposed To Hurt

Aubree only allowed Estella to get off of her when she heard the child beginning to get out of breath from crying so much. Estella immediately crawled toward the window on the other side of the car while enduring the pain and clutching her schoolbag to her chest as she continued sobbing.

“Good! It was supposed to hurt,” Aubree scoffed as she glared at the little girl. “If you tell anyone about what happened today, I swear to God that you’ll
never see that woman ever again.” Only then did she go back to the front seat and drove Estella to the kindergarten.

“We’re here. Wipe those tears off of your face,” Aubree commanded after they reached the kindergarten. Estella hurriedly dried her face, afraid that she really wouldn’t be able to see her beloved Ms. Jarvis after this because of Aubree’s threat.

opened the door, and as they walked toward the gates together hand-in hand, she hissed, “Don’t cry or make a fuss again. If anyone can see even a
single mark of a tear on your face, you’ll know what I have in store for you.”

Right after she had hissed at Estella, Aubree looked back up again with a sweet smile plastered on her face. Estella did her best to hold her tears back and obediently walked toward her teacher, bowing toward her. “Hello, Estella!” her teacher greeted cheerfully.

She spotted the hastily dried tears on Estella’s cheeks and frowned in concern. “What happened? Why have you been crying?” Aubree’s expression changed rapidly but settled just as quickly. “I don’t know what’s gotten into her. She was making a huge fuss today and didn’t want to come to school.

We spent the longest time having to coddle her before she finally let us drag her out here.” The teacher frowned in confusion upon hearing that. “Really? Estella has never hated school before. What happened?” Aubree frowned but quickly covered it up with a smile, hurriedly changing the subject.

“Maybe she’s not feeling too well today. After all, her fever has only just gone down. Please keep an eye on her. If anything happens, please
contact me.” The teacher agreed with a smile, not looking too much into it.

Aubree handed Estella over to the teacher and pretended to give her a couple of words of advice before turning to leave.
She had only just gotten into her car when she spotted a familiar MercedesBenz parked in front of the kindergarten.

Roxanne brought her two children out of the car soon after. Estella’s expression cleared up, and she began to look as right as rain once
the three of them showed up. Aubree’s expression darkened rapidly.

She watched bitterly as Roxanne chatted casually with the teacher before handing the kids over, and her expression remained gloomy until Roxanne
got into her car and left. She only stopped watching once the Mercedes-Benz disappeared at the end of the road.

If she remembered correctly, the Farwell family had invested in the kindergarten. She couldn’t help but become extremely suspicious. Lucian must have bumped into Roxanne at least once whenever he picked up or dropped off Estella.

Besides, as a shareholder, there was no way he wouldn’t know that Roxanne’s kids studied here. Estella also showed how much she liked the woman, so who knew how much they had going on behind Aubree’s back? Aubree felt more uneasy the more she thought about it.

She spotted the teacher still standing there and decided to just get out of her car, all the while wearing a solemn expression on her face.
Seeing that she had returned, the teacher asked with a smile, “What’s wrong, Miss? Is there anything I can help you with?”

Aubree bowed slightly. “Hello. I’d like to introduce myself. I’m the owner of Pearson Group and would like to make a donation of some playground
equipment to this kindergarten. Could I please speak to the head of the kindergarten?”

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