Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 961

First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 961 – “Mrs. York.” “Mrs. York.” The two receptionists greeted Serenity respectfully with a smile when they
saw her come in. Serenity smiled in return. The receptionists had always been very nice to her.

One of the receptionists went around the desk and led Serenity toward the elevator entrance. She glanced at the insulated lunch boxes that Serenity
was carrying. “Zachary’s stomach isn’t feeling well lately, so I brought him food. It’s almost lunch break, right?”

Serenity came over early. The receptionist looked concerned. “Mr. York’s stomach isn’t feeling well? He should take care of himself.”
She thought in her heart, ‘The CEO has been working all day nonstop recently and isn’t having his meals on time.

Most of the time, it’s Mr. Chaplin who packs food for him to eat at the office, but I heard Mr. Chaplin say that Mr. York still often forgets to eat because of his busy schedule. ‘It’s only natural that he’ll have stomach problems like that.‘ “We’re having our lunch break soon,” the receptionist added.

She led Serenity to the CEO’s exclusive elevator, pressed the button for the doors to remain open, and respectfully invited her into the elevator. Serenity
entered with the two insulated lunch boxes and smiled at the receptionist, then rode the elevator alone to the top floor.

As soon as she got out of the elevator, she saw Mr. Chaplin’s smiling face. She was stunned and stared at Mr. Chaplin, wondering why the man was
smiling so widely that his eyes were closed. “Hello, Mrs. York. I’m Mr. York’s secretary. You can call me Mr. Chaplin.”

“Hello, Mr. Chaplin.” Serenity greeted him politely. “Is your boss free now? Can I go in? Or will I be disturbing him?”
Mr. Chaplin smiled and said, “No, you can just knock on the door.”

He deliberately did not tell Zachary so the latter would be surprised. “However, the COO is inside,” Mr. Chaplin pointed out.
Callum came to Zachary to complain about their nana forcing him to marry.

She just gave him a photo so he knew what the woman looked like, how old she was, and what profession she was in now, but he had no idea about
anything else. Serenity smiled. “Okay. Thank you, Mr. Chaplin.” Fortunately, she came with two lunch boxes.

If Callum wanted to eat together, there would be enough for both of them. Mr. Chaplin led Serenity to the door of Zachary’s office and knocked on it.
After gaining Zachary’s permission to enter, Mr. Chaplin pushed open the door for Serenity and watched her go in alone. He did not follow.

When Serenity went inside, he immediately closed the door, went back to his desk to clean up, and prepared to go on his lunch break.
He could eat an extra serving for lunch today! His recent high–strung nerves finally able to relax.

“Seren.” achary could not describe how he felt when he saw the person who came in was his beloved wife. He was overjoyed beyond words.
“Serenity.” Callum stood and greeted Serenity, and took the initiative to give her his seat.

Zachary dropped his pen and got up to meet his wife. Callum silently retreated to the side, thinking, ‘I talked to him for more than
half an hour, but he didn’t even raise his head, let alone answer me. It’s like he became a different person when Serenity came in.‘

However, Callum was also happy to see Serenity. Everyone knew that Grandma May forbade Zachary from disturbing Serenity
from taking her time to calm down. Zachary did not feel good when he could not see his wife, so he started to torture everyone else.

Maybe he did not know how tiring it was for other people below him when they could not keep up with his high efficiency.

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