Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 960

First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 960 – “No. I’ll only help you and Kevin find a candidate for the time being.

There’s no hurry fo the others.” Callum tried to drag his younger brothers into this. “Only Rowan is still a minor.
Alex just turned twenty this year, and the others are at the legal marriageable age. You can’t be biased, Nana. Let them all get married.

The more granddaughters–in–law you have, the greater your chance of having a great–granddaughter.”
Grandma May said, “I’m counting on Seren to give me a great– granddaughter.

The fortune–teller said that Seren’s firstborn will be a girl.” Callum asked, “When did you become so superstitious?”
“Since your big brother actually fell in love with Serenity. Fortune–telling is an age–old art. It’s worth believing in a little.”

After she finished speaking, she stood up. “I won’t bother you with your work. I’ll go to Liberty’s shop to have a look. I miss Sonny after not seeing him for so long. Liberty’s breakfast diner will be open for business soon, right?” Callum said, “I didn’t hear Serenity mentioning it. ”

“Serenity and Zack have been quarreling for a long time. It’s better not to hear from her.” Callum was confused. It was only after his grandmother left and he thought carefully about it did he understand what she meant.

Zachary was incredibly domineering. If he found out about something before Zachary did, Zachary might start throwing knives at him.
Zachary got jealous of other women too, let alone them. Serenity arrived not long after Grandma May left.

She sent Zachary’s lunch over in advance, lest he was so busy he forgot to eat again. When her car stopped at the gate of York Corporation, the security guard on duty was ecstatic when he saw her. He immediately opened the gate, let her drive in, and called the front desk.

When the call was picked up, the security guard said, “The CEO’s wife is here.” The CEO tortured the whole company because of his wife.
Now, his wife suddenly came. Everyone’s bitter days would finally come to an end.

Although the security department was not tortured by the CEO, they knew everyone was hoping that his wife would sweep in like a spring breeze blowing away the cold winter wind. Spring, no, summer would finally come to them. After all, it was still chilly in spring.

After the receptionist received the news that the CEO’s wife had arrived, she immediately called Mr. Chaplin on the intercom and said, “Mr. Chaplin, the
boss’s wife is here. She just arrived at the building.” Mr. Chaplin smiled brightly. “Are you sure it’s her?” “Yes.”

The receptionist saw Serenity carrying two insulated lunch boxes and heading toward the lobby. She smiled. “I saw her. She’s holding two lunch boxes. She must have brought lunch for the boss. “We don’t have to work overtime until midnight anymore.”

Mr. Chaplin sighed. “Thank God.” Then, he happily hung up the phone. Serenity felt that everyone was smiling at her and showed her great
enthusiasm this time. She thought, ‘So this is how the CEO’s wife is treated.‘

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