Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 781

First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 781 – Zachary said without inflection, “I don’t remember anymore.

She hasn’t shown up before me as of late.” “You don’t remember?” “Do I have to? I don’t like her, so what’s the point of remembering?
If I did remember and you got jealous, what should I do then? You’re the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with

, so I only need to remember you. To me, all other women are just passersby. I probably couldn’t even remember what they looked like even if they stood in front of me.” Zachary was very much indifferent to women and was naturally unappreciative.

In this life, he would not fall for another woman except Serenity. Serenity laughed, saying, “I won’t get mad and I won’t get jealous either.
You don’t have to be so defensive.” “I’m really not being defensive. I’m telling the truth.

Other than my relatives, you’re the only one I care about. I don’t care about anyone else.” “Then we’re even. Shawn Lowe may admire me but you have an admirer too.” Zachary wanted to say that Shawn Lowe was much inferior to Elisa Stone who had the resolution to give up when she said she would,

but he swallowed the words that were at the tip of his tongue. It was probably because Shawn Lowe was you g, so he took love seriously.
To add to that, he had had a crush on Serenity for many years and could not give up so easily in such a short amount of time.

The couple meandered along the streets as they held hands. As Serenity had said, the streets were not as bustling and crowded as they used to be. No
matter if it was the number of people or cars, it was indeed much fewer.

They were not the only ones on the streets–as others had also come out for a walk after dinner with the current quietness in mind.
The husband and wife talked as they walked, discussing anything at all, although most of the time,

Serenity was the one speaking as Zachary listened. After strolling for more than an hour, they returned home.
Zachary took advantage of the time Serenity was in the shower to sneak out to the balcony and call Josh.

When Josh picked up, he said in a low voice, “Josh, help me contact Mr. Lowe and get him to wait for me at the Wiltspoon Hotel.
I’ll go over later to have a chat with him.” “Didn’t you say you were only going to meet him after New Year’s?” Josh asked.

Without waiting for Zachary’s reply, he further asked, “Did Shawn Lowe bother your wifey again?”
“He still hasn’t given up. He called Seren again tonight. She didn’t talk to him and hung up immediately,

but people can get pretty recalcitrant sometimes – the more you want to ignore me, the more I want to bother you.”
Josh sighed. “How foolish can Shawn Lowe be to try and take your woman?

Fine, I’ll help you contact Mr. Lowe and tell him to wait at Wilt spoon Hotel for you.”
“What time are you going over? I have to give Mr. Lowe a definite time.” Zachary said, “I’ll go over when Siren falls asleep.”

“What if she doesn’t fall asleep?” “I have my ways of making her fall asleep quickly.” Josh immediately understood and smiled knowingly,
teasing, “I used to think you didn’t understand things like that and even wondered if I should bring you out to broaden your horizons,

get some practice in, and accumulate some experience.” “Get lost!” Zachary said angrily. Did Josh think he was an idiot?
He had not been interested, but that did not mean he was not capable.

Josh did not get mad even after being cursed at and even giggled on the other end of the line. Zachary hung up immediately, not wanting to pay him
any more attention. Serenity was used to sleeping late and it was only a little after nine at night at the moment.

Even if she tried to sleep, she would toss and turn in bed, unable to fall asleep. Zachary said, “Seren, are you trying to make a stir fry?”
“It’s too early. I can’t sleep.”

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