Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 780

First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 780 – Jasmine and Josh as a couple would probably be impossible then.

For the sake of Josh’s love, they would leave Lowe Enterprise with a way out. “He knows you’re married and that our relationship is stable,
but he’s still bugging you. You even told me you guys were like siblings.

If I hadn’t been jealous and made a fuss, you probably still wouldn’t know right now he’d long had romantic feelings for you.
” Zachary cynically poked Serenity’s forehead. Serenity touched the place that had been poked and said in defense of her innocence,

“I’ve known him since I was young and I watched him grow up. I always thought of him as my own little cousin. Who knew he would like me?
“That’s not my fault. I never provoked him in any way.” Serenity said as she hugged his arm and walked outside with him, further saying,

Doesn’t him liking me prove that Nana has good taste and chosen a good wife for you?” Zachary could not help but laugh. “Right, right.
Nana has good taste and chose a good wife for me.” “That’s right. I’m your good wife. With that bad temper of yours, only I can tolerate it.

Any other woman would have raised hell a long time ago and given you the silent treatment to the end.”
Zachary thought to himself that if it had been any other woman, he would not have gotten married.

“My beloved wife, you must continue to tolerate me then. We still have a long way to go in life.. I think I could live to a hundred. You’ll probably live to
ninety–five, so you’ll have to keep tolerating me for another seventy years.” Serenity looked at him, no longer leaning on him.

“So you alone can live to a hundred, and there’ll be a five-year difference between our ages in the end?” “I’m older than you by five years.
I’ll be a hundred, you’ll be ninety–five. Alive, we’ll be together, and even in death, we’ll be together.” Serenity was speechless.

What a selfish man he was. Could she not live to the age of hundred and he to hundred and five then? That way, they would both be centenarians.
On second thought, she would be content if she could live to ninety–five years old. She was not greedy.

It would be remarkable if a person could even live to eighty. “Zachary, how many admirers do you have?” “I don’t know.”
“A countless number?” “Only one has confessed to me before. Naturally, I rejected her. I really don’t know if there are any others.

If they don’t say anything, how would I know?” What Zachary said was the truth. He really had no clue as to how many admirers he had.
Many people claimed he had countless admirers, but the only person who had confessed to him was Elisa Stone alone.

Maybe the others did not have the courage to do so. “Is that admirer of yours still bugging you? I’ve never heard you mention it
before.” As the couple exited the elevator, Zachary naturally put his arm around her shoulders and said, “You’ve never asked.

When it comes to this kind of thing, I won’t say a word if you don’t ask me lest you get jealous.” “I wouldn’t get jealous. I’m not like you.
You’re so narrow–minded and you’re always randomly getting jealous for no reason at all.

Back then you even stubbornly said you’ve never been jealous and that you didn’t know what it felt like. Haha! You’ve got to eat your words now,
huh? It looks to me like you’re full every day from the words you’ve eaten and that’s your own fault.”

Zachary leaned his head down and lightly bit at her cheek, with his gaze tender. He admitted, “I was stubborn.
I fell for you long ago but wouldn’t admit it, and I was so jealous but I wouldn’t admit that either.

Because of you, I’ve done so many things I’ve never done before, and I’ve done so many things that backfired on myself.
“I think I’m almost about to be burnt to a crisp from all that.” Serenity thought of how awkward he was at the time and felt it was pretty funny.

Their relationship was considered the love–after–marriage sort and their feelings for each other were nurtured bit by bit.
They had argued, given each other the silent treatment, and misunderstood each other.

Luckily, they safely survived their relationship crises after communicating with each other and their marriage had not ended.
“Then, who’s that admirer who confessed to you before?” Serenity asked, beaming with curiosity.

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