Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 414

First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 414 – “I’ve already eaten.”

Serenity answered without hesitation, then thought for a second before saying, “Why don’t I accompany you as you eat? Once you’re done eating, I’ll
go back.” A light sparked in Zachary’s eyes. “Let’s go to my office then.”

Serenity glanced once more at the crowd of people in black and tentatively asked, “I’m not an employee of your company. Can I enter just like that?”
“It’s fine since I’m bringing you in.” He reached his hand out to Serenity, and after a moment of hesitation, she put her hand in his.

As he held her hand, a hint of a smile appeared on Zachary’s face that escaped Serenity’s notice. With one hand carrying the insulated lunch box Serenity had personally sent over and the other holding her hand, he led Serenity into the building under everyone’s astonished and speculative gazes.

“Mr. York.” “Mr. York.” Everyone who saw Zachary would greet him respectfully. They would also smile and nod at Serenity but they greeted her bearing a
sense of wonder and speculation of her identity. Someone who could be led in by the hand by the Mr. York definitely had to be the liked.

person he Speaking of which, when did he get a girlfriend? His ability to keep a secret was amazing. If they had not seen it by chance
today, they would not even dare believe that even Mr. York could have a girlfriend.

No wonder Ms. Stone had stopped coming by to lie in wait for Mr. York as she must have found out that Mr. York had at partner already.
Although Ms. Stone was a little headstrong and unruly, she was from a rich family, after all. She had her pride.

It was normal to not want to fight someone just for a man. Someone wanted to secretly take a photo of Zachary holding Serenity’s hand
with their smartphone but was stopped by the person beside them. “Do you want to die? You dare sneak a shot of Mr. York?”

That person was a little confused. “I’m not taking a photo of their faces, just their backs. Our Mr. York’s love life has finally made some progress.
This is big news! I can’t help myself. I want to share this on my social media.” “You can’t even take photos of their backs.

Before Mr. York publicly announces his relationship, we can’t take any photos of him, and we can’t tell any outsiders about this either.”
That person thought about it and in the next moment, their face paled.

They hurriedly shoved their smartphone back into their pockets and thanked the person who stopped them from secretly taking the photo.
All of them knew what Mr. York was capable of. If they offended him, their career would be prematurely ended.

One was not to assume that Mr. York would not find out if they had secretly taken photos of him. Mr. Burcham, who was constantly by Mr. York’s side, was
also known as his chief of intelligence and incredibly capable. The only things Mr. York did not know about were the things he did not want to.

Serenity was in the dark to all that was happening around her. As she was led into the office building by Zachary, she was shocked by the atmosphere of
York Corporation’s office building. CC When Zachary brought her into his office, she noticed the plaque on his office door read Chief Operating Officer”

and only then learned what Zachary’s position in York Corporation was. Once the office door closed, she said to Zachary, “You said you have a
regular job here in the company and you rarely have the chance to even meet the boss, but when I came in earlier I saw that it was written

“Chief Operating Officer” on the door. You’re being a little too low–key and modest.” “This isn’t my office,” Zachary lied with no qualms. His face did not turn red nor did his breath hitch. He walked to the sofa in the reception area and sat down. Once Serenity followed him over, he explained,

“This is my superior’s office. The large area with all the cubicles we passed by earlier is where I sit. Didn’t you come to send me lunch?
I was worried you’d feel uneasy under everyone’s eyes, so I asked my superior to lend me his office for a bit.‘

His words bore half truth and half lie. It was true that this was not his office whereas Cullum York being his superior was a lie.
Serenity believed him and sat down opposite him, smiling as she said, “Why would I be uneasy?

They can look if they want. I’m still pretty confident in my looks. “All of them address you Mr. York with utmost respect.”

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