Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 413

First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 413 – Cullum brought Nana downstairs and the two prepared to go to the hotel to
have lunch.

The moment they exited the office building, Cullum spotted Serenity with his sharp eyes. “Nana, now I understand why Zachary asked
me to bring you out for lunch.” He pointed at the entrance of the office building and said to Nana,

“Serenity’s ere and she’s even carrying an insulated lunch box. She brought him lunch.” No wonder Zachary was burning with anxiety about getting him to take Nana and leave. He did not want Nana to third–wheel them. Nana stopped in her tracks and squinted for a while, saying,

“That really is Siren. Hurry and give your cousin a call and remind him to change rooms. Let him use yours, and don’t let Siren find out.”
Cullum hummed in acquiescence and called Zachary. Even without Cullum’s heads–up, Zachary knew long ago that Serenity had arrived.

There was a pair of binoculars in his drawer. Once he had sent Nana on her way, he had gone to stand by the window, staring downwards with his
binoculars. When he saw Serenity’s car, he put the binoculars back in their original place and hurriedly went downstairs.

Callum drove out of the building with Nana. He stopped at the entrance to the office and wound down the window to say
hi to Serenity. “Nana, Cullum.” Serenity smiled as she walked over and asked, “Nana, why are you here?”

Nana pulled a long face on purpose and said, “Long story, Siren. I’m going to have lunch first. I’m so hungry! I’ll talk to you tonight.”
“What happened? Okay, Nana, go have your lunch first.” “Serenity, I’m taking Nana out for lunch. Zachary’s still in his office.

You can give him a call. and he’ll come out to get you.” Once Callum finished saying that, he drove away with Nana.
After they had driven for some distance, he laughed and said, “Luckily,

I’ve been driving this car to work every day for fear that someday Serenity would come to the office and see that I’m driving a luxury car. If her suspicion
started from me, Zachary would skin me alive.” “I think that façade of his will be burnt away soon,” Nana said.

“We’ll see how he tries to salvage the situation then. Cullum, you’d better not learn from him.” “I think it’s pretty fun. You’ll only know if the other person likes you as a person or your identity and status if you hide your identity.” Nana could not say a word in reply.

The circumstances of their family did indeed make it common to encounter people who only wanted them for their identity and status.
After seeing Nana and Callum drive off into the distance, Serenity was about to call Zachary when Zachary exited the building.

“Mr. York.”Serenity walked forward to greet him, carrying the insulated lunch box. Zachary had been busy the whole morning and had
relied on two cups of coffee to make it through the morning. He felt lethargic,

but the moment he saw Serenity walk toward him with a smile on her face, he suddenly felt as if it was worth it no matter how hard he
worked or how tired he got. “You’re done with work, right?“” Zachary nodded. “Just only.” Serenity saw a lot of people leaving the office building.

There were so many people, it was comparable to the crowds that thronged bus stations during summer holidays.
These were all the elites of the industry. Serenity had never worked in a company before,

so she felt a little envious seeing all these elites wear uniformly professional suits that made them look
smart and competent.

Of course, she still much preferred her current job where she could be at ease. “The food is all freshly cooked.
You should eat it while it’s still hot.” Serenity passed the insulated lunch box to Zachary.

“Are you going to take it back to your office to eat or eat it in my car?” Zachary reached out to take the lunch box and at the same time,
looked at her. “I don’t have an appetite when I eat alone.

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