Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 383

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 383 – Serenity said she wanted to go to the beach for some fresh air,

o her wish was Zachary‘s command. Of course, he could not bring her to the Seaview Villa. Fortunately, during this season,
the beach was not as busy as it was in the summer at this hour. There were only a few tourists scattered around the beach.

The couple walked on the soft sand while the waves crashed onto the shore. The sea breeze messed up Serenity‘s hair and she was feeling chilly.
Zachary suddenly stopped in his tracks, so Serenity followed suit and asked him, “What‘s wrong?”

He took off his suit jacket and handed it to Serenity. “It‘s quite windy today. You should wear my jacket.” Seeing that Serenity did not take the jacket from him, Zachary continued, “Are you gonna put it on yourself, or do you want me to help you?”

Serenity had no choice but to take his jacket and put it on. She asked, “Aren‘t you cold?” “I am, but I‘m more afraid that you‘ll catch a cold.”
Serenity looked at him and laughed, “Mr. York, your answer is different from the ones on TV shows.

The male lead will usually say, ‘No, I‘m not cold. You can wear it.” Of course, his answer was honest.
“If I‘d known that the sea breeze was so strong and chilly, I wouldn‘t have requested to come here.”

Serenity put on his jacket and instantly felt warm. She tilted her head to look at him, and he happened to be looking at her.
Their eyes met, and he said, “Although I feel cold, I won‘t shrink up like you.

I‘m wearing a long–sleeve shirt, anyway. It‘s definitely warmer than your short–sleeve blouse.” “Well, now that you mention it, I feel less guilty.”
Zachary pursed his lips and said, “If you‘re worried that I‘ll catch a cold, you can hug me. That way, I can feel your warmth and won‘t feel cold anymore.”

Serenity almost choked on her saliva. Was he flirting with her? Seeing that Serenity was silent, Zachary knew she would not hug him, so he
continued walking forward. Within minutes, Serenity caught up to him and returned his suit jacket to him.

Before he could speak, she quickly said, “You‘re taller than me, so even if I hug you, I won‘t be able to block the wind for you. Why don‘t you put on your
jacket and hug me instead?”. Zachary‘s face was cold when Serenity handed his jacket back to him, but after hearing what she said,

he quickly took his jacket and put it on. He couldn’t wait to pull her into his arms. “Let‘s find a place to sit,” he suggested. Serenity had no objections.
Zachary and Serenity were hugging each other while walking slowly. It was considered a breakthrough in their relationship as husband and wife.

They finally found a quiet place and sat on the sand. As they sat, Serenity leaned against Zachary‘s chest while he hugged her.
She felt warm and cozy. “Mr. York.” “Hmm?” “You usually put on a cold and serious face, but your embrace is warmer than I imagined.”

Zachary looked down at her. “Oh? You‘ve imagined me hugging you?” Serenity was speechless. Zachary pursed his lips and smiled.
He hugged her a little tighter. “I was going to bring you to the beach for a nice seafood dinner this weekend,

but since Liberty is going to talk to Hank about the divorce, I‘m guessing you won‘t be in the mood for a holiday with me
here. I‘ll treat you to a seafood supper later tonight.” “Now that you‘ve mentioned it, I‘m hungry. Let‘s go eat now.”

Zachary laughed. “Okay. I‘ll stay with you tonight no matter what.”. Serenity stood up and said with a smile, “Don‘t make empty promises!
Willyou strip dance if I ask you to?” Zachary was at a loss for words.

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