Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 382

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 382 – When Zachary heard that, he frowned and wanted to say something, but Serenity continued,

“Jasmine and I will compensate Elisa in other ways. We won‘t take advantage of her.” Serenity and Jasmine could not stop Elisa from putting those things at the bookstore. If they did not accept it, they could not imagine Elisa‘s degree of anger, so they had to accept it first.

When Jasmine and Serenity were tidying up earlier, they had a good idea of how much those things were worth. In the future, they would find
an opportunity to return the favor to Elisa. “It‘s not a matter of taking advantage of her. Your store isn‘t that spacious.

You already have so many bookshelves and storage boxes, yet Ms. Stone keeps stuffing things into your store. It‘s not like you can sell them. Isn‘t that
just taking up unnecessary space?” Actually, Zachary was just annoyed because he did not occupy any space in his wife‘s store, and Elisa beat him to it.

Zachary thought Elisa was always monopolizing his wife, so his hatred for her was deeper than his love rival, Shawn Lowe.
It was also because Elisa was a woman, so he could not say,” Serenity, I don‘t like that you‘re spending so much time with Elisa.

‘ll get jealous, so you should cut ties with her.” If he dared say such a thing, Serenity would look at him strangely, and he would be embarrassed.
“Our house is spacious. Why don‘t I move these things home then?” Zachary was speechless.

He was already upset that Elisa‘s things were taking up space in Serenity‘s store, yet Serenity wanted to move these things home?!
“Let‘s go.” Zachary lowered his head, not wanting to argue with Serenity over something like this. Serenity was a carefree person,

and Zachary would often get more frustrated when they had a conflict. This was something he had experienced before.
When Serenity was angry, she went on a shopping spree and spent tens of thousands of dollars using his card.

Besides, she went about her day as usual and was still happy. On the contrary, Zachary got so mad that he went
back to his villa. If Grandma May had not found a way for them to get back together, Serenity would still be ignoring Zachary.

“Okay.” Serenity went along with him and no longer continued the topic. They got into Zachary‘s car together after closing up the shop.
As soon as Serenity got in the car, she saw a child safety seat in the back seat.

Zachary explained, “I send you to work sometimes, and Sonny is too young to sit on his own, so I bought a child safety seat.” Serenity listened to his
explanation and looked at him quietly. After a long while, she said in a serious tone,

“Mr. York, what will you do if I fall in love with you one day?” L The caring and thoughtful side of this man moved her heart.
Zachary looked at her for a moment before he leaned over, wrapped his arm around her waist, and pulled her to his side.

His handsome face approached her, and his thin lips pressed against her red lips. He then moved his lips from hers and whispered in her ear,
“I don‘t know what will happen because you haven‘t fallen in love with me yet.” Serenity was speechless.

She raised her hand, pushed his muscular body away, and put on her seatbelt as if nothing had happened. “So where are you taking me to so I can
forget my worries?” Zachary straightened his back. “Since you‘re in my car, just follow my lead.”

“Hmm… why don‘t we go to the beach to get some fresh air?” Zachary smiled. “Sure.” He started the car and asked her, “Did you pay for the bed
and wardrobe?” He did not receive any bank transaction notification, so he figured she spent her own money.

“Yeah. I forgot to bring the card you gave me for household expenses when I went out shopping, so I paid for them. We‘re married,
so there‘s no need to be so calculative, right?” Zachary pursed his lips. She was clearly the one who was being calculative.

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