Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 239

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 239 – In a hotel not far from Wilt spoon Hospital, Noah Hunt’s parents knocked on
the room door of the eldest son of the Hunt family, Stuart Hunt.

When Stuart opened the door and saw his youngest brother with his wife looking worried, he asked with conked, “David, what happened?
You two don’t look very good.” “Stuart, Noah hasn’t come back since he went out yesterday.

We’re worried something might’ve happened to him.” Noah’s father was the youngest among the Hunt siblings, and his parents loved him the most,
sothey gave him the name David, which meant beloved. “Did Noah say what he was doing?

” As the eldest of the Hunt family, Stuart was good at maintaining his composure. David hesitated for a moment and said, Noah said he was
going to settle the score with Serenity and make her pay for Mom’s medical bills, but he hasn’t returned since he went out yesterday.

His cell phone is turned off too.” Noah’s family did not know that he was being detained in the police station now, and his phone automatically shut down because it ran out of battery. Stuart’s expression darkened instantly, and he scolded his brother and his wife,

How could you let Noah go to Serenity by himself? She refused to budge even when the brothers went together last time.
How would he be able to make her bow ifhe | went alone?” | husband, Serenity?” Serenity said honestly,

I’ve only given him a few sets of clothes, and a miniature tree, maneki-neko, and gold dragon to him. “They’re not worth much.”
She did not know if he even wore the clothes she gave him. She had only seen him wear the tie once.

If Zachary were to find out that his wife had these thoughts, he would vomit blood. That day, he deliberately went to work wearing the new clothes and tie she gave him. All the executives who saw him that day recognized that he was wearing a different label.

However, only the gossipy Josh knew the truth while the others did not. Nevertheless, at least they could tell that something was different.
On the other hand, Serenity had no inkling for the entire day. She even thought that he did not wear the clothes she gave him.

“I won’t send him clothes for now since he won’t accept them anyway. Besides, I don’t know what size he wears. All his clothes are tailored by senior designers.” The clothing designer responsible for Zachary’s daily wear was particularly tight-lipped.

Elisa had spent a lot of money trying to pry open his mouth, but she failed each time. _ She had a crush on Zachary for many years,
but she still did daughters dearly. Thus, for his brother’s sake, Stuart treated Serenity well when she was a child.

Maybe Serenity would listen to him if he went. Stuart proclaimed that he was good to Serenity when she was young, but that was only in his head.
However, even if he did treat her well before,

he worked together with Serenity’s grandparents to share his third brother and his wife’s insurance payout after their deaths. He then drove away his two underage nieces and hogged the family property left by his third brother.

All those actions had erased any shred of Serenity’s affection for her eldest uncle. Wait here. I’ll come with you after I change my clothes.
“Stuart, should we call Mike and John too?” David thought they would have strength in numbers.

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