Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 238

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 238 – “It’s a pair of phoenixes, a male and a female.” Serenity got up and walked to
the big box where she stored her crafts to bring out a delicate and beautiful box.

She placed the box in front of Elisa and said, “They’re inside.” Elisa opened the box and retrieved two well-woven phoenixes from it,
and complimented, “They’re so lifelike. Serenity, your hands are amazing. How much are these phoenixes? I’ll buy them.”

“We’re close, and you think of me as a friend, so Ill just charge you the cost for the materials.” Elisa placed the two phoenixes back into the box and said, “ It’s precisely because we’ refriends that I can’t take advantage of you. I’ll pay however much it’s worth.

I can’t just pay you for the cost of the materials. I’ve seen the price of your goods on the online store. I don’t remember the exact number,
but these two phoenixes seem to cost a few hundred.” She took out her purse from her Hermes bag and withdrawal small stack of cash.

Without even counting, she shoved the bank notes into Serenity’s hands and said, “Keep the change and don’t countte amount.
Just take it. If Mr. York accepts my gift, 1’ll help you market your products. I guarantee that your sales will increase by several fold.”

“In that case, I’ll thank you in advance.” Since Elisa was so firm, Serenity did not refuse. She did not find change or count the money,
and simply husband, Serenity?” Serenity said honestly, “I’ve only given him a few sets of clothes, and a miniature tree, maneki-neko, and gold dragon to him.

“They’re not worth much.” She did not know if he even wore the clothes she gave him. She had only seen him wear the tie one.
If Zachary were to find out that his wife had these thoughts, he would vomit blood.

That day, he deliberately went to work wearing the new clothes and tie she gave imp. All the executives who saw him that day recognized that he was wearing a different label. However, only the gossipy Josh knew the truth while the others did not.

Nevertheless, at least they could tell that something was different. On the other hand, Serenity had no inkling for the entire day.
She even thought that he did not wear the clothes she gave him. “I won’t send him clothes for now since he won’t accept them anyway.

Besides, I don’t know what size he wears. All his clothes are tailored by senior designers.” The clothing designer responsible for Zachary’s daily wear was particularly tight-lipped. Elisa had spent a lot of money trying to pry open his mouth, but she failed each time.

_ She had a crush on Zachary for many years, but she still did “I’m fine. I just got carried away while watching a video and spent too much time
inside.” Serenity and Jasmine were speechless. “Who came just now? I think I heard you guys talking,” Old Mrs. York asked with a curious expression.
“She’s a new friend I made.

She went to the beach for a vacation and sent me a lot of seafood now that she’s back. Nana, stay here for lunch. We’ll cook a seafood feast for you.” Elisa sent them an excessive amount of seafood. Serenity wanted to ask Old Mrs. York to bring some back with her so her in-laws could have a taste as well.

Although she and Zachary were not living together, and she had never been to his old home, Serenity felt she had to offer good food to her in-laws so they remembered her presence. “Sure. I’d stay even if you didn’t ask me.

I often eat alone at home, so even the most delicious food doesn’t taste as good. You can make more. I’1l call Zachary and ask him to come over for lunch.” Serenity opened her mouth to say something, but in the end, she merely hummed.

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