Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 219

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 219 – “Maybe he hasn’t seen your message.

Why don’t you send him another one?” Serenity was silent for a moment. Then, she picked up her phone, tapped on WhatsApp,
and sent another message to Zachary. Serenity: [Do you want to have lunch together?) When she sent the message,

she received a system notification stating that Zachary had not added her as contact and could not receive her message.
There was a prompt for her to add him as a friend. Serenity stared at the few lines of words.

‘We’re not friends? ‘That cheapskate actually deleted my contact again! ‘This is the second time he deleted me! ‘The first time was when
we first got our license. He turned around and forgot about me, his new wife, for nine days so he deleted me.

However, I could understand because we weren’t close to each other back then. ‘Now that he deleted me again, it means that he’s
convinced that I did him wrong. He’s completely set on the idea that I found a backup partner, so he deleted my contact.

) At first, Serenity thought of giving in and reaching out to ee eee ee eee ee ee him. They could solve any problems face to face.
However, this was what Zachary did instead. Serenity was simply furious. ‘Haven’t even blocked him yet, but he deleted me first.

‘Fine then. Sobeit! In a rage, she also deleted Zachary from her contact list. She also blocked his number. She was livid! “Seren,
you don’t look too good. Did Mr. York reply?” Serenity stuffed her phone back into the pocket of her trousers and said coldly, “Ignore him.

Just cook for the both of us. It’s his business whether he eats or not. He won’t starve anyway.” Jasmine looked at her.
Serenity explained grumpily, “He deleted me on WhatsApp, so I deleted him too and blocked his number in a fit of anger.

Don’t mention him in front of me in the future. Jas, you’d better find a reliable man and date him for a few years before getting married.
Don’t be like me. I married a drama king who gets offended at anything I do despite my best efforts.” Jasmine was speechless.

Serenity got up and walked around the checkout counter, then picked up her nephew and said to her friend, “I’m not in a good mood.
I’ll take Sonny to the mall and swipe the _ card he gave me for living expenses until it maxes out!” Jasmine nodded quickly.

“Go ahead, Pll cook.” Serenity carried Sonny out of the shop. After putting her nephew in the car, she drove off.
She deliberately chose the largest shopping mall in the city. When she went in, she chose the most expensive things to buy.

Her shopping cart was already piled high before she finished going through the mall. She wanted to grab another cart to continue splurging,
but when she considered that she could not carry so many things while bringing a baby with her, she finally gave up.

Even so, the line of numbers displayed on the register almost made her want to return all the goods. However, when she remembered
how Zachary deleted her contact, she gritted her teeth and swiped the card.

Since the card she used was one that Zachary gave her for home expenses, his phone would receive a notification of the expenditure.
Zachary was in a meeting. There were many people in the conference room, but everyone’s phone was muted.

Only Zachary’s phone could ring. When he received the notification, he picked up the phone from the desk and
tapped on the message to look at it. Josh, who was the closest to him, noticed his boss’s sharp eyebrows rise.

However, his expression was still unchanged. He put down the phone and continued the meeting. Serenity had just spent a few
thousand dollars. The amount was less than five figures, so he did not even bother to However, in his heart,

he could not help but wonder what she bought to have spent a few thousand at once. That amount was chump change to Zachary.

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