Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 218

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 218 – Liberty continued her job hunt.

Serenity took her nephew back to the store. Jasmine loved Sonny and she was the one who played with him the most,
letting Serenity focus on her crafts. She was going to make some retro headwear to sell online and see how the sales go.

If it went well, she would open another online store. Ever since e-commerce became a thing, business at brick- and-mortar stores
took a plunge. If the online store could make money, Serenity would happily open another online store.

When it was noon, Jasmine asked her friend, “Siren, are you still going to pick up your husband for lunch today? I have some fresh seafood over at
home. Let’s have a seafood feast for lunch. If Mr. York wants to join us, I’ll prepare more portions.”

Jasmine asked before she started to cook, lest she prepared too little for everyone to eat. _ “Even if I call him, he won’t come anyway.
Jasmine, I think I’m having a cold war with Zachary.” Serenity finished making a miniature tree that a customer ordered and called it
a day for now.

Jasmine asked in concern, “How did that happen? Haven’t See ee ee ee ee you been getting along quite well recently? Mr. York even had someone from
Wilt spoon Hotel bring you a meal because he wanted you to eat well.” Serenity sighed and said, “It was because I invited you and Shawn for lunch
last Saturday.

I didn’t see him, but he might have seen me. He insisted that I was treating Shawn as my backup partner and that J was cuckolding him.
I was really pissed off. “Shawn and I are like siblings. I’ve always thought of him as my younger brother.

How can | take him as a backup partner? If I really liked him, I would’ve gone to him when I was looking for a man to marr to get out
of my sister’s house. Why would I go to Zachary instead? “He usually looks generous, but he’s so narrow-minded.

Not only is he petty, but he’s also suspicious and says nasty things. He accused me of cheating on him before he checked the facts.
Isn’t he just saying that I’m a loose woman?” She did not mention that Zachary also forcefully kissed her when he was drunk.

Jasmine said after a pause, “Did he see the three of us eating together? Why didn’t he come to say hello to us? Also, I was sitting right there too.
Didn’t he see me? Did he only see Shawn and you?” “I said the same thing. I told him that you were around too, and I was just eating with my friends.”

Jasmine thought about it, and her expression changed. She _ asked tentatively, “Siren, does Mr. York suspect that I’m “the matchmaker?”
Serenity was specchless. ‘With Zachary’s suspicious nature, there’s a very real possibility that he thought Jasmine was matchmaking Shawn and I,

or even covering for me.’ Jasmine felt upset. She never thought of matching her friend with Shawn. That was because Serenity was three years older than Shawn, and Serenity did not like having a partner that was younger than she is. | Shawn also clearly thought of Serenity as an older sister.

Their relationship was strictly familial. “Siren, you have to explain it to Mr. York so he doesn’t think that I’m trying to matchmake you.
I’m innocent.” More importantly, it would affect her friend’s marriage with Mr. York.

Although the two only married out of convenience and had no emotional foundation, they had gotten their license for a month.
They should have at least developed some feelings by now.

Jasmine hoped that her good friend and Zachary could be loving like a normal husband and wife, and live together for the rest of their lives.
_ She never thought of introducing her friend to other men. “T tried, but he only believed what he saw.

He didn’t come home last night. I sent him a message this morning, but he didn’t reply either. I think this is what people mean by a cold war.
” | ‘ Serenity sighed She did not know what to do when a couple was having a cold war.

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