His And Her Marriage Chapter 84

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 84 – It was nearly ten when Lucian arrived home with Estella.

The butler was already waiting at the door. “Ms. Pearson is waiting for you inside, Mr. Farwell.” Lucian’s brows furrowed at the news. With a nod at the butler, he strode in with Estella. “You’re home!” Aubree, seated on the couch, leaped to her feet when she saw them crossing the threshold.

She bent down and tried to touch Estella’s head, which the latter did her best to avoid. Aubree’s eyes flashed with displeasure, which she quickly hid by
straightening up with a smile.“What’s the matter?” Lucian studied her intently. His tone remained indifferent.

Aubree gave him a casual smile. “I want to thank you again for lending us someone today. You helped us out of a jam there, and Dad had me come
over to offer our gratitude personally.” She was going to add something else after a brief pause, but Lucian cut her off, “Is the matter resolved?”

Aubree was momentarily dumbfounded by his bluntness. She nodded with a smile that now seemed rather forced.
“Well, the little trouble we had kept us busy until the afternoon. I hope it didn’t interfere with your business.”

Lucian nodded. “There are plenty of employees in Farwell Group, and the absence of one wouldn’t make a difference. There’s no need to thank me.” Without waiting for her response, he strode past her with Estella.

Aubree’s features contorted with fury, but they softened again when she regained her senses a few moments later. “Nevertheless, you have helped me resolve something huge. I didn’t know what to get you, so I brought a little present for Estella instead. Don’t worry.

I didn’t spend a fortune. Think of it as a token of my appreciation.” As she spoke, she took out a limited edition doll from the bag on the couch.
Its delicate packaging caused Lucian to recognize it as one in a set that Estella had in her room.

Aware that his daughter loved those dolls, he stopped to see if she wanted to accept the gift. Unexpectedly, Essie did not even look up. Instead, she tightened her grip on her father’s hand and edged closer to him. Lucian understood at once. He met Aubree’s eves to decline her gift.

“Thank you for the doll, but she already has this one. Besides, she’s thrown a tantrum at me earlier. Forgive us for not being in the mood to entertain.”
Aubree’s expression was a little stiff. She put away her things with a smile that looked more like a grimace before looking at Estella with concern.

“What is she angry about this time?” Having hit multiple dead ends in trying to interact with the girl before, Aubree did not try very hard this time for fear that Lucian would see through her falsities. Instead, she directed her question toward him.

“Oh, something small,” Lucian said curtly before looking away, plainly not intending to divulge specific details.Mayb e he thinks it’s not my place to be privy to such matters. Aubree’s hand holding the gift bag clenched into a fist. Her nails sank deep into her flesh as she forced a smile.

“Is that so? Did you return this late because you took her for a fun night out?” Lucian frowned. “It’s getting late. You should leave if there isn’t anything else I can do for you. Essie needs her sleep.” Aubree opened her mouth again, but no excuse came to her lips.

She could only watch Lucian lead Estella past her as they made their way upstairs. Aubree appeared unmistakably grim as she exited the mansion.
Her bodyguard, also her driver, noticed her expression and decided to tread lightly. “Do you wish to return home, Ms. Pearson?”

Aubree glared at him. “I want you to find out where Lucian was tonight with that little b*tch of his!” The bodyguard shuddered before obliging her hastily.

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