His And Her Marriage Chapter 83

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 83 – Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief at how little effort it took.

Having expected to go to further lengths than that for a suitable nanny, she was surprised to find such a promising candidate so easily.
“Come over tomorrow morning,” Roxanne proposed after a brief discussion regarding Lysa’s salary range. “I will draw up the contract by then.

You can sign it if everything is in order.” Lysa nodded in response. After bidding the others farewell, she departed with her tools and left the few of them in the living room once again. Though Roxanne’s mood improved after the chat with Lysa, her stiff formality returned when she turned to Lucian.

“I’m sorry for the trouble of bandaging my wound and finding me a housekeeper. I owe you one.” A strange glint flitted across Lucian’s deep eyes. He quickly suppressed the arising feeling and responded with a similar detachment, “Don’t mention it.

Essie and I were the ones to trouble you in the first place. Consider these trivial matters a token of my gratitude.”Estella nodded in vigorous agreement
with her father’s words. She even ran over to grab Roxanne’s wrist and stared at her bandaged finger for a long time.

Roxanne smiled as she stroked the little girl’s head. “It’s all right. Don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt at all.” Estella blinked as she touched Roxanne’s fingers delicately. Upon ascertaining that there was indeed no problem, she looked up and gave the latter a sweet smile.

Roxanne’s heart softened at the child’s tenderness. “It’s getting late. We have intruded upon your kind hospitality long enough.”
Lucian cleared his throat as he lowered his gaze to Estella. “Say goodbye to Ms. Jarvis and the boys, Essie.”

Looking as if she did not want to, Estella waved to the boys obediently at the prospect of seeing them the following day.
The two boys reciprocated her smile and waved. “Wait for us at the kindergarten tomorrow!”

Essie nodded vigorously. Lucian took the little girl’s hand and, with a final goodbye to the three, turned to leave.
It was only when she watched his car disappear out of the driveway that Roxanne relaxed completely.

i ne two boys seemed reluctant to part with their guests as they stared into the distance for a long time without taking their eyes off the spot Lucian’s car
had disappeared. Roxanne thought they missed Estella. “Come on, boys. Let’s go inside,” she said softly. “You’ll see Essie tomorrow.”

The two boys looked away slowly and followed her back to the mansion. After shutting the door, Roxanne bent down to look solemnly into the eyes of
her two sons. “I have something to tell you boys.” Archie and Benny were puzzled at the sight of her seriousness.

“If Essie’s father ever asks how old you are, you are to tell him that you’re one year younger than her. Do you understand?”
The boys understood at once, yet they pretended not to. “Why?” they demanded.

Roxanne hesitated, at a loss for an explanation, before sighing helplessly. “There is no reason. Just do as I say, please?”
The boys exchanged another glance before nodding slowly.

Archie did not betray a hint of emotion. His brother, however, looked confused. It’s clear why Mommy wants us to tell Daddy that we are one year younger
than Essie. It’s to make it impossible for him to find out that we are his.

What happened between Mommy and Daddy? He was kind to her, wasn’t he? Why doesn’t Mommy want him to know that we are his children?

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