His And Her Marriage Chapter 54

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 54 – Given how well-raised the boys were, they shook their heads despite liking the toys, knowing how expensive these things were. “We can’t accept these. They’re too expensive.”

Estella tilted her head in confusion before placing the toys next to the mand scribbling on her notebook again: For you. Thank. Help.
Benny peered at her writing in bewilderment. She can’t write a complete sentence. What is she trying to say?

Archie was initially perplexed as well, but realization quickly dawned on him. “Are you trying to say you’re thanking us for our help that day?”
Nodding fervently, Estella put the book down and held the car figurines in front of them once more.

Roxanne thought back to what her sons’ kindergarten teacher had told her about Archie and Benny having protected Estella.
I remember the teacher mentioning it. What on earth could’ve happened between mere children, though?

But judging from Essie’s behavior, whatever Archie and Benny did for her seems like a really big deal to her. “What happened that day?” Roxanne couldn’t help but ask. “Essie got hurt after another student pushed her,” explained Archie.

“Benny and I got that student to apologize to Essie, and then we took Essie to the school nurse.” Roxanne nodded in enlightenment. “Can we accept these gifts, Mommy?” Archie felt sorry to see the little girl continue to hold the toys in her hand.

Roxanne chuckled. “Okay. Give her something of yours in return.” The boys finally took the toy cars from Estella, not forgetting to express
their gratitude. “Thanks, Essie! Wait for us here, okay? We’ll get you some gifts too!”

Then, they scurried upstairs and began searching their room for something they could give the little girl in return. Now, only Roxanne and Estella remained inside the living room. Seeing how obedient the girl looked. Roxanne couldn’t resist showing her concern.

“Does your hand still hurt?” Upon hearing that, Estella walked toward Roxanne and raised her hand, showing the injury she had received that day.
There was a visible bruise on the girl’s pale-colored hand, and that tugged at Roxanne’s heartstrings.

The woman felt relieved only after examining the bruise closely and making sure there were no internal injuries. “Did you use any ointment?’
Estella stilled for a few seconds. Then, she shook her head innocently after seeing how worried Roxanne looked.

That made Roxanne’s heart ache even more. There’s no way Lucian would’ve missed such an obvious bruise, but he didn’t give her any ointment? Then, the woman thought of how Estella would run away from home every now and then.

Lucian, you’re a terrible excuse for a father! Not aware that she had inadvertently made her father look bad, Estella stared at the woman before her eagerly. If I told her I haven’t used any ointment, would she help me?

Noticing the child’s gaze, Roxanne returned to her senses and ran her fingers over the bruise. “Wait for me here. I’ll be back with a medical kit,”
she cooed. Estella nodded excitedly, her eyes sparkling.

Roxanne’s heart melted at the sight, and she got up to retrieve a medical kit before carefully treating the girl’s bruise.
The woman was a doctor, after all, so she would naturally be more careful and gentler.

“Does it hurt?” she asked, rubbing some ointment on the girl while glancing at her in concern. Shaking her head, Estella gazed down at her hand, observing how Roxanne tended to her. Ms. Jarvis’ hands are so pretty too.

And she’s so much gentler than Daddy. I don’t feel any pain at all. I like her even more now!

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