His And Her Marriage Chapter 53

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 53 – Roxanne looked up Lucian’s number from her contact list.
She had saved it only because she didn’t want to miss his call back when Estella had wandered off from home.

It was now that the woman remembered she had saved his contact name as just “A.” After changing it to his actual name, Roxanne dialed the number. Lucian was about to head out and look for Estella on his own when his phone rang.

Seeing the name on his screen, his eyes narrowed as he answered the call. “It’s me.” Roxanne’s voice came from across the line. Lucian scoffed internally at the thought of how she had escaped his previous antics. “What do you want?” he asked in the same frigid tone the woman used.

Roxanne glanced at the little girl beside her. What’s with that tone? I would’ve hung up right away if it weren’t for the child!
“Essie came looking for me first thing in the morning. Come and get her if you’re free. Or you can tell me your address, and I’ll take her there.”

Upon hearing that, Lucian furrowed his brows slightly. “Give me your address.” “32, Durwest Garden.”
The man hung up right after that. Roxanne breathed an internal sigh of relief as she watched her screen turn black.

She turned toward the little girl standing beside her, saying, “Your daddy’s coming over to pick you up. Be a good girl and go home with him, okay?”
Estella nodded but secretly began pondering over her next move.

She had finally gotten the chance to be with this pretty lady and didn’t want to have to leave so soon. But Daddy’s on his way here. What should I do to be able to stay Unfortunately, Archie saw through her intentions immediately and crossed his arms.

“Your daddy hates my mommy, so he’s definitely not going to let you stay. I suggest you give up on the idea.”
Estella’s gaze darkened as she heard that. It’s true. Daddy doesn’t like her. He even argues with her in front of me.

But I like Ms. Jarvis! The girl had left home early this morning just to see Roxanne. She didn’t know why, but she just liked this woman so much.
The two hadn’t spent much time together, but Estella adored Roxanne so much more compared to Catalina, her everyday caretaker.

That’s right! The child’s eyes lit up again. She had brought gifts for Roxanne and the two boys when she left home
this morning. Remembering that, she swiftly jumped off the couch and rummaged through her little backpack.

Then, she took out a tiny yet exquisite crystal ball and held it in front of Roxanne with two hands. The woman stared at her in puzzlement.
Estella took another step forward while continuing to hold the gift, her eyes full of anticipation.

Roxanne slowly took the crystal ball from her. “Is this… for me?” Estella nodded and wrote in her notebook: For you. I like you!
Roxanne couldn’t help but laugh. “Thank you, Essie. I like you a lot too,” she responded, caressing the girl’s head.

Archie and Benny hadn’t expected the little girl to bring gifts, and they, too, jumped off the couch. “You gave Mommy a gift? What about us? Do
we get any too?” Estella nodded with a smile and dug around in her backpack again.

Soon, she took out two racecar figurines and trotted over to the boys. Archie’s and Benny’s eyes twinkled instantly.
They had always enjoyed playing with these since they were young, and Roxanne would often buy such toys for them.

In fact, they had had their eyes on these two particular car models for a while now, but they hadn’t come up with a good reason to ask their
mother to buy them. These figurines were also a little expensive. And yet, Estella had bought them.

The boys could easily confirm that these figurines were genuine.

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