His And Her Marriage Chapter 41

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 41 – Compared to inserting needles, removing them was a lot easier.

All the needles on Alfred’s body were cleared in less than ten minutes. After checking his condition, Roxanne began to pack her things.
In the meantime, Jonathan and Frieda stood anxiously by the bedside.

Previously, all the famous doctors they had sought failed to produce any results. Therefore, they weren’t sure if Alfred was able to wake up this time. Under their attentive gaze, Alfred’s fingers began to curl slightly.

In the next second, his eyes gradually opened, and he began to grimace while coughing weakly. “Grandpa!”
As Jonathan sat down to help Alfred regain his breath, the former’s eyes were filled with both shock and delight.

Frieda, too, was so stunned that she was at a loss for words. Despite her lack of faith in Roxanne, her grandfather had woken up due to Roxanne’s treatment. “Grandpa, how do you feel?” Jonathan asked with concern once Alfred had stopped coughing.

Alfred nodded slightly and replied in an extremely hoarse voice, “How long have I been asleep for?” Just when Jonathan was about to answer, Roxanne walked over after she was done packing. “It would be better if Old Mr. Queen doesn’t speak too much now, for he needs a lot more rest.”

Nodding in response, Jonathan carefully helped Alfred lay back down. After that, he got to his feet and expressed his gratitude. “Dr. Jarvis, I
couldn’t thank you enough. Also, I would like to apologize for our ignorance over doubting you previously.

The mistake was ours, as you’re clearly an extraordinary doctor.” After accepting his gratitude and apology, Roxanne reminded, “Even
though Old Mr. Queen has woken up, his prognosis still looks bleak.

He needs at least six to seven more treatments before he can truly turn the corner.” Jonathan nodded repeatedly. “Also, I’ll prescribe some medicine for him to supplement his health, as it will help with the treatment. After all, the damage that Old Mr. Queen’s body has suffered is significant.

As future treatments require him to be strong enough, I’m worried that he might not be able to withstand it,” Roxanne continued.
Jonathan naturally had no objections as he nodded in agreement. “Don’t worry.

We will comply with all your instructions regarding Grandpa’s treatment.” Nodding slightly, Roxanne retrieved a bottle of pills from her bag. “Here,
take two pills three times a day after meals.” Subsequently, she took out a piece of paper and wrote a prescription for him.

“Based on the quantity I’ve written here, get ten batches of them. Every day, add them into a soup for Old Mr. Queen to drink. This way, it
will hasten his recovery.” Jonathan acknowledged, “All right. We’ll follow your instructions.”

After going into the details a little more, Roxanne realized it was getting late when she checked the time.
Thinking of her two sons waiting for her at home, she got up to leave.

“I think it’s time for me to go, but I’ll be coming back tomorrow. In the meantime, call me if Old Mr. Queen has any problems.”
With that, she headed to the door with her medical bag in hand.

Glancing at Roxanne’s leaving silhouette, Jonathan called out to her, “Dr. Jarvis, other than treating Grandpa, I’m sure you have some other reason for being here.” Stopping abruptly in her tracks, Roxanne suddenly remembered her objective for coming over.

But Old Mr. Queen hasn’t recovered fully yet. So, Jonathan… When Jonathan saw her stop, he softened his tone.
“Don’t you want to talk about it first before leaving?”

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