His And Her Marriage Chapter 40

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 40 – Lucian’s expression turned grim when he saw what happened.
“What’s there to talk to her about? Pretend that you don’t know her the next time you see her and don’t ever interact with her again.”

Since she has no intention of acknowledging her daughter, I might as well go along with her wishes. Taken aback by Lucian’s tone, Estella was briefly stunned before she pouted and wrote in her notebook: Why? Before he could reply, she quickly wrote:

I like her very much, and she is kind and gentle to me. I want to be together with her! Despite Lucian’s sympathy for her when he saw how much she liked Roxanne, they had no choice but to face reality. He replied indifferently,

“That’s because she has children of her own and doesn’t need another child.” Estella was confused by his reply.
I know that the two boys are her sons, but she has still been very nice to me. However, Daddy seems to hate her.

Estella couldn’t help but feel disappointed. When he saw her fall silent, Lucian instructed his assistant to drive. After leaving the Queen residence, he felt a tug on his sleeve, causing him to look over at Estella with knitted brows. She wrote: In that case, where is my mommy?

She gave him a pitiful look, while her eyes were filled with confusion. As the pretty lady is the boys’ mommy, I cannot be with her. In
that case, where’s my mommy? Her question tore into Lucian’s heart.

Recovering his gaze painfully, he had no idea how to respond to her. She’s asking me where her mommy is, and I do know the answer.
However, how am I going to explain the cruel truth to her? That woman has a new family now.

Even with her own daughter standing right before her eyes, she had no intention of acknowledging her. The more he
thought about it, the gloomier he became. Consequently, a long silence was his only response to her.

When she didn’t obtain an answer. Estella continued to stare blankly at him, yearning for an answer. Finally, Lucian replied through gritted teeth, “I don’t know. I don’t know where she is, and don’t ever ask me this question again! Just having me is enough.

There’s no need for you to have a mommy at all!” After looking at him in shock, Estella gradually put her notebook away
before hanging her head in silence. For the rest of the journey home, neither father nor daughter spoke another word.

Back at the Queen residence, Roxanne felt out of sorts after Lucian was gone. Jonathan could sense that she was unsettled but didn’t bring it up. Instead, he led her downstairs where they made idle chatter over coffee. From the outside, both of them seemed to be getting along very well.

After Frieda was chased out, she returned to her room. Subsequently, she came out to see for herself what the situation was.
When she saw her elder brother sitting with Roxanne on the couch, she let out an inaudible snort.

From the very beginning, she never believed in Roxanne’s capability, and her opinion of the latter hadn’t changed.
Despite noticing Frieda’s contemptuous expression, Roxanne didn’t hold it against her and just pretended to be oblivious of the former.

One hour later, Roxanne changed the subject. “It’s time. We can remove the needles now.” She got up and headed upstairs with Jonathan following closely behind.At the same time, Frieda, too, got up skep tically and went along with them.

Even though she didn’t have faith in Roxanne, she was still concerned about her grandfather.
Furthermore, she intended to see for herself whether Roxanne was as capable as she claimed to be.

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