His And Her Marriage Chapter 381

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 381 – After Roxanne put her phone to the side,

she proceeded to read the details about the research institute‘s recent use of herbs, and her head thobe.

To be honest, she had already planned it all the night before; she was going to ask for a favor from Jonathan to introduce her to a few herb suppliers.

However, Queen Group had given them benefits earlier in the day. If Roxanne asked for another favor, it would seem as if she was greedy.

As a matter of fact, she hesitated for a long while earlier in the call and ended up not saying anything about that to Jonathan.

Thus, she had no choice but to contact her seniors who she had met at the medical conference the other time.

Roxanne wondered if they still remembered her.

As the day before had been tiring, and as she had not gotten a good night‘s sleep the night before as well,

Roxanne could not help but feel frustrated as she scrolled through her contact list.

Everything had been going smoothly at the research institute, and they had even completed several major projects under her lead.

However, in the blink of an eye, they had returned to step one. In fact, the situation was even worse than back then. That was all thanks to Sonya.

At that, Roxanne could not help but feel fury. I didn‘t do anything wrong, so why won‘t Sonya just let me go?

The intensity of that fury rose to its peak after Roxanne failed to get anyone to pick up the calls.

Furrowing her brows, she weakly massaged her temples. Once again, she was forced to acknowledge how weak and helpless she was.

Meanwhile, Frieda felt that she had been wronged. It was one thing for Alfred to berate her,

but the elderly man even took back her power in Queen Group.

Even though Frieda had complained to Aubree about it, the more Frieda ruminated about the matter, the angrier she became.

In the end, she barely slept that night. The next morning after breakfast, Frieda rushed to Queen Group.

She dared not voice her protests 10 Alfred, but she certainly dared to convince her brother otherwise.

Just as Jonathan ended Roxanne‘s call, he heard a commotion outside. “Ms. Queen, Mr. Queen is currently working.

If you don‘t have an appointment–” What is she doing here? Jonathan rose to his feet as his head ached.

Opening the office door, he said to his assistant, “You can leave first »Then, he frowned at his sister before turning to walk back into his office in silence.

Frieda hurried after him. Upon entering his office, she sat down on the couch and began scanning the area.

Even though Jonathan had chided her the day before, he still doted on his sis Smiling, Frieda took the cup of coffee from him before huffing.

“Why can‘t I co Jonathan replied in exasperation, “You were never this early even when you At those words, Frieda fell awkwardly silent for a while.

She then sipped on he faked nonchalance to hide her guilty feelings.

Jonathan could read what was on her mind, but he said nothing out loud. Instead, he stood up and grabb beat later, Frieda squeezed out,

“Jonathan, can you talk to Grandpa on my behalf and ask him to let me stay in Queen Group?”

Just as she said that, Jonathan paused in his reading and grimaced. “

Give me surge of upset rose in Frieda when she saw the grimness of her brother‘s ex I‘ve already humbled myself, but he‘s still acting like this.

It‘s as if I‘ve done so

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