His And Her Marriage Chapter 380

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 380 – At the end of the day, the man was from Queen Group.

Since Jonathan had left the matter to that man‘s hand, that meant he was also one of Jonathan‘s men.

Therefore, Roxanne was not going to put him in a tough spot.

What she said earlier was merely a reminder for him that the research institute was not easy to deal with and for him to put in more effort into the matter in the future.

Coming back to his sense, Rex let out a loud sigh of relief. He then quickly held Roxanne‘s hand, nodding vigorously. “Of course, of course!”

Roxanne flashed him a polite smile. “I look forward to working with you, then. ”

Rex wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and agreed to her words fervently. On the other side, Colby was done with counting the herbs.

He then asked the employees to move the boxes in before he walked over to the other two people.

Clearly, Rex had done similar jobs before, for he quickly handed Colby the document when he saw the other man approaching them.

Colby glanced at Roxanne. Technically, the person in charge should be the one signing it. Nevertheless, Roxanne inclined her head at Colby.

After a moment of hesitation, Colby took the document and signed it.

um However, long after he signed the document, Rex did not take it back. It seemed as if the latter was lost in his thoughts.

The corner of Colby‘s lips twitched before he noncommittally urged, “Mr. Tanner?”

Hearing him, Rex snapped back to his senses and awkwardly took back the document.

He then poured another round of apologies before Roxanne used her work as an excuse for him to leave.

After watching the people from Queen Group leave, the two turned and went back into the research institute.

“Will this batch of herbs be enough?” Roxanne asked seriously. Colby was walking behind her when he heard her. He then nodded. “

Maybe Queen Group is trying to compensate us for how Rex rejected us yesterday because they‘ve given us a little more herbs than we‘ve ordered.

We‘ll have enough for this period of time. In fact, we might have a little more than enough .” Hearing that, Roxanne furrowed her brows.

“Why didn‘t you say anything about that just now?” Colby arched a brow in response.

“I wanted to, but I saw that the list stated the same amount as the amount I’ve calculated, so I didn‘t raise the issue.”

If he were to mention it around Rex, Rex would certainly take the opportunity to brush over his rejection the day before.

There was no way Colby would give him the chance to do that. Knowing what he was thinking about, Roxanne siniled.

Even so, she knew it was Jonathan‘s doing. She could avoid mentioning it around Rex, but The moment Roxanne returned to her office,

she called Jonathan. Jonathan picked up the call quickly. In fact, he even started speaking before Roxanne chuckled.

“I have. Your company’s people came earlier than I did. Jonathan did not disagree with that.

“What happened yesterday must have be Having Rex send the research institute more herbs than ordered was partially a selfish wish of Jonathan– he hoped it would salvage Queen Group‘s reputation among Roxanne and the Roxanne did not reject Jonathan as she knew that the extra herbs were but a
“That sounds like a good idea.”

Jonathan chuckled. “My grandpa has been as After a brief small talk, the two ended the call.

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