His And Her Marriage Chapter 349

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 349 – Must We Leave

Estella merely kept quiet after hearing her answer.

Roxanne opened the car door and carried Estella out of the car before leading her toward the manor by her hand.

Roxanne then let go of her hand to let Estella enter the manor. Right then, Estella raised her gaze and looked at Roxanne solemnly.

When their gazes met, Roxanne’s heart softened. She squatted down and looked into Estella’s eyes. “Is there something you would like to tell me,

Essie?” I wonder why Ms. Jarvis hates Daddy so much that she would chase Daddy away every time she sees him.

However, I can tell that Daddy has good intentions for Ms. Jarvis. Since Daddy likes Ms. Jarvis, I hope Ms. Jarvis would stop hating Daddy.

Estella nodded slightly and uttered in a cute tone, “Ms. Jarvis, don’t hate Daddy.”

Thinking that she could be seeing Estella for the last time, Roxanne nodded. Estella gave Roxanne a hug with a heavy heart before going into the manor.

Roxanne didn’t dare to go in because she was worried that Lucian and the maids would see her.

Hence, she could only watch Estella leave before going back into her car. At that moment, Catalina was preparing for dinner in the manor.

That was when she suddenly heard the doorbell ring. She immediately went to open the door and saw Estella at the door on her own.

Shocked, she checked the surroundings, but she didn’t see another soul. “Ms. Estella, you should still be at the kindergarten, no?

Why have you come back alone? Who sent you back?” Catalina asked worriedly before bringing Estella in.

She then checked the surroundings once more. Estella was only forcing herself to smile in front of Roxanne.

Since they had parted ways, her mood turned sour again. In response to Catalina’s

questions, she shook her head absent-mindedly before heading upstairs. Seeing that, Catalina grew concerned.

After mulling over it for a while, she decided to call Lucian. Meanwhile, Roxanne felt conflicted after she got into her car.

After sitting in a daze for a while in her car, Roxanne started her car and drove back.

Back home, Archie and Benny were sitting on the couch, waiting for her to reach home. Upon seeing her, they rushed up to her worriedly.

“Mommy, is Essie home already?” At the mention of Estella, Roxanne smiled bitterly and nodded at Archie and Benny.

“Did Essie cry again in the car? She seemed so sad just now,” Benny questioned. Roxanne caressed his head and answered, “No, she didn’t.

She was very well-behaved.” Hearing that, Benny and Archie nodded. However, they were still staring fixedly at Roxanne.

Roxanne was startled by their intense gazes. With a frown, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Mommy, must we leave and stay abroad?” Benny stared at Roxanne in puzzlement.

Prior to that, they didn’t know they were going to settle down in a foreign country. They thought they were going to stay in Chanaea for good.

Why would Mommy suddenly suggest something like that? There must be a reason behind it. Could the reason be Daddy?

Roxanne nodded gently in response. Initially, she planned to settle down in Chanaea with Archie and Benny.

However, she didn’t expect to bump into Lucian again after returning to the country.

Besides, she noticed the dramatic change of attitude Lucian had toward her. Because of him, my life is a mess now.

I must get away from him so that I can protect Archie and Benny.

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