His And Her Marriage Chapter 348

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 348 – The Reason You Leave

I won’t be able to see Ms. Jarvis ever again. Estella was too heartbroken to listen to what she was told. Knowing that Roxanne was leaving,

she couldn’t help but sob again. Roxanne smiled wryly and caressed Estella’s head. “This could be the last time I see you, Essie.

Don’t cry anymore. Please smile more, okay?” stella cried and shook her head. “Don’t leave, Ms. Jarvis.”

Roxanne let Estella cry for a while and comforted her when she got less emotional. “Get well soon, Essie. Once you’re all grown up,

you can come and visit me abroad.” Deep down, Estella knew there was no way she could convince Roxanne to stay. Upon hearing her words,

she grew hopeful. She then looked at Roxanne innocently and asked, “Really?” Roxanne smiled and nodded.

Estella was still unconvinced. “But when I’m all grown up, will you still remember me, Ms. Jarvis?”

Roxanne shook her head firmly and answered, “Why wouldn’t I? You’re so cute, Essie. Why would I forget you?”

Archie and Benny quickly chimed in, “We’ll remember you as well, Essie. Get well soon, okay?”

After getting her assurances, Estella went quiet for a while before nodding and wiping the tears off of her cheeks. “I’ll stop crying now.”

Since this is going to be the last time Ms. Jarvis sees me, I must leave a good impression. I don’t want her to only remember me crying.

At that thought, Estella tried her best to smile. Seeing that, Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief.

Although she was heartbroken, she put on a straight face and said, “Let’s play Lego, okay? After that, I’ll send you home.”

The kids nodded obediently. Knowing that they were about to leave each other, Archie and Benny were very attentive to Estella.

They stacked their Lego bricks slowly and focused on Estella’s hands. Every time she needed something, they would attend to her and help her.

Estella, on the other hand, was rather absent-minded, and she kept checking the time.

By four in the afternoon, Roxanne glanced at the kids, steeled herself, and uttered, “It’s about time I send you back, Essie.”

Hearing that, the kids quickly put the Lego bricks aside. Although Estella was still smiling at Roxanne, she was utterly saddened.

Consequently, the smile on her face was stiff. Roxanne sighed inwardly and blamed herself for being so heartless.

She’s still so little. I should be nice to her, but she’s still Lucian’s kid. Archie and Benny got up and hugged Estella with heavy hearts.

“We’ll still see each other at the kindergarten! Wait for us, okay?” Estella’s eyes lit up, and she nodded fervently.

Roxanne got up and held Estella’s hand before bringing her out of the house.

While they were on their way to the Farwell residence, Roxanne kept mum because she was overwhelmed by mixed feelings.

Estella was sitting at the back of the car and didn’t talk much as well.

Once she had stopped the car outside the Farwell residence, Estella asked cautiously, “Ms. Jarvis, are you leaving the country because of Daddy?”

In response, Roxanne froze for a few seconds. She then smiled calmly at Estella and said, “No.

I came back for work purposes, so I have to leave after I’m done with the work.”

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