His And Her Marriage Chapter 346

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 346 – Picking Her Mommy

“Don’t dislike me, Ms. Jarvis,” Estella pleaded. She was holding onto the corner of Roxanne’s shirt and trying to bury herself in Roxanne’s embrace.

Roxanne turned around and squatted down to let Estella hug her. In a helpless tone, she uttered, “I don’t dislike you.”

“Why are you chasing me away, Ms. Jarvis?” Estella muttered. Roxanne sensed that Estella was about to break down into tears.

She hugged Estella and gently touched the corners of her eyes. Estella pursed her lips and stared at Roxanne, waiting for an answer.

After a while, Roxanne said, “I’m not sending you back because I don’t like you. It’s just that we shouldn’t be so close.”

Estella furrowed her brows after hearing those words. She then tilted herhead and looked at Roxanne puzzledly.

I like Ms. Jarvis a lot, and we’ve always been this close. Why should things be different now? Is it because of Daddy?

At that thought, Estella grew anxious, and she uttered cautiously, “I won’t tell Daddy about this. I can come without him knowing.”

Roxanne was briefly stunned by her words, and she was amused at the same time.Roxanne didn’t answer, so Estella started to panic.

What else am I supposed to do? I like Ms. Jarvis, and I like Daddy as well. However, Ms. Jarvis doesn’t like Daddy.

I have no choice but to come to see her without Daddy knowing. I can’t possibly give up on Daddy, can I?

Must I make a choice between Ms. Jarvis and Daddy? With that thought in mind, Estella burst into tears. “I want Daddy, and I want Ms. Jarvis as well…”

Roxanne’s heart broke when she saw Estella crying because those words were like daggers to her heart.

Roxanne averted her gaze and avoided looking at Estella when she said, “Be

good, okay, Essie? When you get a mommy next time, your mommy will treat you even better than I do.”

Still crying, Estella shook her head. “No! I don’t want a mommy!” Estella was crying so hard that her voice cracked.

Roxanne glanced at Estella and saw how reddened Estella’s face was. She then endured her heartbreak and said, “That’s not up to you to decide, okay?

Eventually, your daddy is going to get married. By then, you’ll have a mommy. If your mommy sees how close we are, she’ll get angry.”

“I don’t want that! I don’t want that bad woman to be my mommy!” Estella cried and screamed at the top of her lungs.

Although Roxanne didn’t mention any names, Estella knew exactly who Roxanne was referring to.

There’s no way I’ll accept that evil woman as my mommy! That evil woman is the reason Ms. Jarvis doesn’t want me.

Estella stamped her feet angrily and yelled, “I hate that woman! I hate that evil woman!” Upon hearing that, Roxanne narrowed her eyes.

She knew who Estella was referring to, but she didn’t know Estella would have such a big reaction.

Roxanne then felt pitiful when she recalled how ruthless Aubree was toward Estella. Sonya and Lucian had already decided to let Aubree marry into the

Who am I to say anything about that? All I can do is hope that Aubree would treat Essie better.

While listening to Estella crying, Roxanne couldn’t help but wipe the tears off of her face and hug her. She gently patted Estella’s back and consoled,

“Essie, don’t cry, okay? Since you’re so cute, I am sure your mommy is going to love you. You have to listen to your daddy and your mommy, okay?”

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