His And Her Marriage Chapter 345

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 345 – Roxanne No Longer Likes Estella

Roxanne felt even more conflicted when she heard the tiny, adorable voice in her ear.

I knew it. I knew Essie was highly empathic and would’ve realized I was distancing myself from Lucian.

That’s why she had visited me the last couple of times without letting him know. Am I truly that important to her?

Upon seeing how pitiful Estella was, Archie and Benny couldn’t help but put in a good word for her.

“Mommy, since Essie came alone, why don’t you let her play with us for a bit more?” Benny pleaded as he tugged at Roxanne’s sleeve.

“Mommy, Mr. Farwell wouldn’t come looking for her so soon,” Archie chimed in. “Let Essie stay here a little longer!”

Roxanne stayed silent for quite some time, not knowing what to say. Estella, on the other hand, buried herself in Roxanne’s embrace.

Afraid that the latter might reject her, she kept her gaze lowered, not daring to make eye contact.

Roxanne glanced at her boys’ pleading looks before checking the time. Ah, it’s not even one in the afternoon.

Lucian should still be working at this hour. Even if he finds out that Essie is with me, I doubt he’d rush here immediately.

Besides, this might be the last time I get to be with Essie. With that in mind, Roxanne sighed to herself and finally gave in.

“All right. You can stay for a while more,” she said as she ruffled Estella’s hair. “Go on and play with the boys. I’ll send you back later.”

Archie and Benny’s eyes lit up, and they immediately invited Estella to a game of Lego.

However, the latter merely shook her head and followed Roxanne in silence. I can feel that Ms. Jarvis isn’t treating me the same as before.

I didn’t even bring Daddy along, yet she still wants to send me away. Does she now hate me like she hates Daddy?

Having been struck by that sudden realization, Estella stopped in her tracks and stared wistfully at Roxanne’s back.

Roxanne knew the little girl had been following her, so when she heard the footsteps stop, she turned around instinctively.

To her surprise, Estella was gazing at her with teary eyes, looking every bit like an innocent, wounded animal.

Needless to say, that sight tugged at Roxanne’s heartstrings. She, too, stopped and hesitated before walking back to Estella.

“What’s wrong, Essie?” “You don’t like me anymore, Ms. Jarvis,” a misty-eyed Estella replied with absolute certainty.

Roxanne froze, taken aback by the little girl’s answer. Estella looked down dejectedly and added, “You don’t like Daddy, so you chased him away.

Now you want to chase me away too. You’ve stopped liking me, Ms. Jarvis.” For a moment, Roxanne was at a loss for words.

She never thought Estella would draw such a conclusion from everything that had happened. Of course, she still liked the latter.

However, if she were to continue spending time with Estella, it’d only increase the chances of bumping into Lucian, who was now nothing but trouble.

Even if Roxanne didn’t mind, she knew she had to keep Archie and Benny safe.

Besides, according to what Sonya had said, it was only a matter of time before Lucian married Aubree.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to continue seeing Lucian or Estella then, would it? Yes, I pushed them away, but it wasn’t because I disliked them.

Then again, if I denied Essie’s line of reasoning, wouldn’t I also be implying I don’t hate Lucian?

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