His And Her Marriage Chapter 325

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 325 – Careful

When Roxanne arrived at the hospital, she wanted to carry Benny in. However, the boy was afraid that she would get tired,

so he insisted on walking in by himself. She had no choice but to let him do it. After the boys got the number, she brought them to the second floor.

“How are you feeling? Does your stomach still hurt a lot?” Roxanne asked with care as they walked.

He didn’t want his mother to worry, so even though his stomach was still aching, he shook his head silently.

It wasn’t enough to fool her that he was pretending. Her eyes were filled with worry.

The elevator just so happened to stop at their floor when the three of them arrived. “Is your arm still in pain?”

When the elevator door opened, a familiar voice entered their ears. Roxanne, Archie, and Benny turned to the elevator subconsciously.

When they looked into the elevator, they saw Aubree and Lucian standing next to each other. Aubree’s arm was in a cast.

She was wearing a big jacket and a thin patient’s gown underneath.

Lucian wore a shirt with rolled-up sleeves, revealing his slender yet strong arm. His attention was focused on the person next to him.

Roxanne and the children were stunned when they saw the two of them.

While they knew of the couple’s marriage, it was the first time they saw the two of them acting so intimately with each other.

Lucian’s jacket was placed on Aubree’s body, and his attention was drawn to her injured arm. It was pretty apparent how much he cared about her.

The three of them suddenly felt complicated. Roxanne felt like laughing at herself. I know it’s just a matter of time before they marry each other.

I also know how much he obsessed over her six years ago. And yet, just because he treated me nicely after I returned to this country,

I started doubting his relationship with her. I wonder how the reporter who caught me going to the hospital with Lucian last time will report this

Even though I was mistaken to be his fiancée last time, from a certain point of view, in those pictures, I’m Aubree’s body double.

In fact, he treats Aubree far better than how he treats me! Now that I think about it, it really is funny that I doubted his relationship.

Benny and Archie tightened their fists secretly as they stared at the couple with disdain. Bad Daddy! He doesn’t want to be with Mommy,

yet he treats other women so well! This one bullied Mommy before! The couple inside the elevator strolled out.

They seemed not to have noticed Roxanne and her children at all. Aubree’s eyebrows furrowed as she apologized, “I’m still feeling well.

Maybe I was a little too anxious earlier. I think it’s fine even if we don’t visit a doctor…” As she spoke, her peripheral vision simultaneously brushed past Roxanne.

The moment she finished speaking, she smiled and turned to the front. Her eyes met with Roxanne’s, Archie’s, and Benny’s.

Lucian was still ignorant of the family’s presence. When he heard what Aubree said, his eyebrows furrowed. “Better to be safe than sorry.”

After all, it was his mother who caused the injury, so he had to be thorough with his care.

The conversation sounded as though Aubree didn’t want to visit the doctor and that Lucian was the one who urged her to do so.

He didn’t mind what she said. When he finished talking, he turned to the front.

His expression changed the moment his line of sight landed on the family in front of him.

“What a coincidence, Ms. Jarvis. Are you… feeling unwell? Or is it your child who’s feeling sick?”

Aubree greeted casually as she inconspicuously raised her unharmed arm and pulled the jacket on her down.

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