His And Her Marriage Chapter 311

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 311 – Come Out And Apologize Slowly, the car stopped in the parking lot near the commercial area.

Aubree held Sonya’s arm closely as they left the parking lot. While shopping around, Aubree didn’t mention Lucian at all.

It was as if she had let go of their marriage. It was already nearing noon when they came out of the shopping mall with many bags in their hands.

“I booked a table at a restaurant with good reviews on the internet. I think you’ll like it,” Aubree proposed smilingly.

Although Sonya didn’t verbally respond, Aubree took it as an affirmation.

Since the restaurant wasn’t around the commercial area, they headed toward the parking lot to get their car.

Shockingly, a car emerged and sped toward them as soon as they arrived at the parking lot entrance.

They were startled for a while and quickly stepped aside to make way. Initially, they thought the car would leave the parking lot in seconds.

However, before they could steady themselves, the car turned around and sped toward them.

As they had retreated to a corner, they had no way to avoid it. Sonya was traumatized, and the bags fell from her hands to the floor.

Meanwhile, Aubree also gaped in shock. Sonya instinctively closed her eyes as the car sped toward them at lightning speed.

Suddenly, Aubree’s cracked voice rang in her ears. “Mrs. Farwell, watch out!” The next moment, Aubree grabbed her arm and pushed her away.

onia didn’t have time to react to it and stumbled a few steps before she steadied herself.

Her mind had gone blank, and thus she couldn’t process what had happened earlier.

When someone shrieked in pain, she finally came to her senses and opened her eyes.

he car barely screeched to a halt and had already turned sideways. Beside the car, the pale-faced Aubree lay on the floor with a hand on her shoulder.

ne could tell that she likely suffered great pain. “Aubree!” Sonya hastily came up to Aubree to check up on her. “Does it hurt?

I’ll call an ambulance now!” With a grim expression, Aubree smiled at Sonya and replied, “I’m relieved because you’re fine.

Anyway, there’s no need to call an ambulance. I think… my injury isn’t serious. Don’t worry.” With that, Aubree held Sonya’s arm to try to get up.

Nonetheless, she didn’t realize she couldn’t move her injured arm. She collapsed once she wanted to stand up, and her face turned paler.

Sonya carefully helped her up. Looking at her injured arm, Sonya said heartbreakingly, “I think your bone might be broken.

Alas, it all happened because of me. The car wouldn’t have hit you if you didn’t save me.”

Holding her injured arm, Aubree almost couldn’t speak due to the pain. Then, she glanced sideways at the car and mustered up her energy to ask,

“Hey, you’ve hit someone. Why haven’t you come out and apologize?”

Since the parking lot was quiet, her weak voice echoed throughout the area.

Sonya came to her senses once Aubree finished and gazed at the driver’s seat. Just as she wanted to say something,

the driver slowly started the car. Instantly, a glint of fear flashed across her face.

However, the car turned around, sped toward the entrance of the parking lot to flee the scene, and disappeared before Sonya could react to it.

When Sonya wanted to call the police, Aubree held the former’s arm and murmured, “Mrs. Farwell, is my arm broken?”

Aubree’s eyes were bloodshot, probably because she was in pain.

Therefore, Sonya ignored the hit-and-run driver and supported Aubree into the car to drive her to the hospital.

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