His And Her Marriage Chapter 310

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 310 – Future Mother Of Estella A ruthless look crossed Aubree’s face after she ended the call.

She then made another call and said a few words to the person on the other end of the line.

That day was a weekend, and Aubree drove to the Farwell residence early in the morning.

Sonya was in the middle of her breakfast when Aubree came in. Almost immediately, Sonya smiled at her. “You’re early.

Have you had your breakfast? Do you want to sit down and eat something?” Aubree shook her head. “No, thank you.

I’ve come to pick you up.” Sonya did not insist. As she ate her breakfast, she chatted away with Aubree.

After Sonya finished her breakfast, Aubree brought her to the shopping district.

“Mrs. Farwell, how has Essie been?” Aubree asked nonchalantly when they were on their way to their destination. “I’m worried about her.

But after that ay, I haven’t been able to meet her.” Sonya’s expression turned solemn at the mention of Estella. “That incident has frightened Essie.

oreover, her condition has been unstable recently. I really don’t know what I can do for her.”

Estella’s autism had been ongoing for years. According to her psychiatrist, the girl was not born with autism, so the chances of her getting cured were
high—it just depended on whether Estella wanted to cooperate with the treatment plan.

However, Estella’s condition did not improve. Evidently, it was because she did not want to work with them.

Her condition only improved when Roxanne appeared. Sonya had always felt that the girl refused to work with the treatment plan because she lacked motherly love.

Therefore, partially for Estella’s condition, Sonya had been urging Lucian tomarry Aubree quickly.

That way, there would be a woman taking care of Estella, and Estella would have a mother.

A while back, Estella’s condition had finally improved, but she had returned to her old self after the incident.

Moreover, Sonya did not want Estella to get close to Roxanne. After mulling over it, she felt that she would be more at ease if her son were to be with Aubree.

With that thought in mind, Sonya turned to glance at Aubree in relief.

When Aubree looked at Sonya, she put on a self-blaming look. “This is all my fault. Essie was getting better. No wonder Lucian doesn’t want to be with me. I’m too careless with kids.”

In just a few words, Aubree had attributed the incident of how she had lost the girl to carelessness.

She studied Sonya’s expression from the corner of her eye.

When Sonya saw that she was still blaming herself for the incident despite it being days ago, she frowned and said,

“You didn’t do anything wrong. How could Lucian be with Roxanne? You did that for their own good, but Essie’stoo stubborn.

Technically, we’re the ones who spoiled her.” Upon seeing that Sonya had no intention of blaming her at all,

Aubree curled her lips mockingly before quickly tucking them away. She answered kindly, “Girls should be spoiled. Essie’s so cute and sweet.

If I have a daughter like Essie, I will definitely spoil her too.

” Her words made Sonya even more certain that she would take good care of Estella in the future, so she smiled trustingly. “

Don’t worry. To me, you’re Essie’s future mother. I’ll have a talk with Lucian.” Aubree smiled and did not say anything.

She did not have high hopes for Sonya to convince Lucian. After all, it was almost impossible that Lucian would heed Sonya’s words.

Aubree was going to have to rely on herself to achieve her goal.

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