His And Her Marriage Chapter 296

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 296 – She Bets He Does Not Know

The pathetic look on Aubree’s face faded the moment she came out of the Farwell residence. Her expression was bitter and spiteful as she got into the

Noticing her change in expression, Charles chose his words wisely. “Where to, Ms. Pearson?”

Aubree glanced at him coldly from the rearview mirror. “The office.”

Just as Charles was about to pull off, Aubree grunted in annoyance. “You know what? Just go home!”

She was not in the mood to deal with the bunch of irritating people at the company.

Aubree had come to Sonya hoping Sonya would talk to Lucian immediately just as she always did whenever Aubree shed a few tears. Yet Aubree’s trip
proved to be fruitless when Sonya simply said she would discuss the matter with Lucian only when he had blown off some steam.

What she had promised to do was just not enough because, by the time Lucian cooled down, the news about him calling off the engagement would
be made public.

That can never happen!

Resentment burned in Aubree’s heart.

Roxanne Jarvis! It’s all your fault! Ever since you came back, all Lucian and Essie can think about is you! I don’t care if Essie wants to stay with you, but
you can’t have Lucian too! I will not let him take your side!

Her current predicament reminded her of how things were six years ago.

Back then, Lucian would give Roxanne the cold shoulder because of her, but things had taken a one-hundred-and-eighty degree change after Roxanne
returned. It was as if they had switched positions.

D*mn it! Something must have happened over the past six years.

Just as Aubree was caught in a bout of anger, Gina called, and Aubree picked up with a straight face.

“How did it go? Did you talk to Mrs. Farwell?” Gina asked the moment the call got through.

Aubree’s face fell. “Yeah. I talked to her, but it didn’t make any difference. I’d rather take things in my own hand!”

“Oh, what are you thinking of doing? It seems to me that Lucian has his mind fixed on marrying that woman. I don’t think there’s anything we can do to
change that,” Gina answered, slightly surprised by what her daughter said.

True. Aubree gritted her teeth.

There’s nothing I can do if he’s hellbent on marrying her. Pearson Group is nothing compared to Farwell Group. We’re nothing but a small grasshopper
compared to them. I don’t have what it takes to change his mind.

“Well, since Essie is the reason why Lucian wants to end the engagement, why not we start with that girl?” Gina suggested.

Aubree suddenly had a stroke of genius when her mother gave such a brilliant suggestion.

“Aubree?” Gina was still waiting for an answer.

Aubree snapped back and quickly replied, “We’ll talk after I reach home.


Then she hung up the phone and turned to Charles. “Go to the office and get someone to run a check on Roxanne Jarvis. I want a detailed account of
what she’s been up to in the past few years. Also, I want to know who the father of her two sons is.”

What Gina had just said reminded Aubree that she actually knew so little about the two boys. She did not even know who their father was.

I bet Lucian doesn’t know either. Roxanne would not have time to think about Lucian if I were to bring that man back from abroad. Likewise, Lucian will be disgusted by her when he finds out that she’s already been taken by another man.

Ha, Roxanne Jarvis! You’re not getting Lucian if I’m not.

When Charles saw how Aubree’s face contorted with malice, he said hastily, “Understood.”

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