His And Her Marriage Chapter 267

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 267 – “Why are you here?” Lucian questioned expressionlessly after pulling Aubree to the edge of the planting site.
Upon hearing that, Aubree gazed at the little girl in her embrace with concern.

“I was worried about Essie, so I came over to check on things. Don’t worry. I won’t make things difficult for all of you.”

As soon as she said that, Lucian’s stern voice rang out again. “Well, you’ve seen everything now. Essie’s adapting well.

If there’s nothing else, you may leave.” Aubree’s expression stiffened. “Lucian, I traveled all the way here.

Surely you won’t let me go back just like that without a meal?” With that, she hung her head guiltily and mumbled, “I know.

You still blame me for hurting Essie last time, but I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. I’ve been regarding Essie as my own for so many years.

How would I bear to harm her? Besides, you’ve already punished me for that, and I know what I’ve done wrong. Please, just forgive me, will you?”

At the mention of the incident when she had harmed Estella, Lucian said frostily, The person you should be apologizing to isn’t me.”

Playvolume00:00/00:00TruvidfullScreen Aubree glanced at Estella, who was suffering in her embrace.

stella could not break free because she was not strong enough to do so.

Feeling that Aubree had loosened her grip, Estella quickly pulled out her arms from Aubree’s embrace and reached out to Lucian Lucian quickly grabbed Estella’s arm and pulled her into his embrace.

“Essie has the right to be mad at me. It’s my fault. From today onward, I’ll prove to her that I don’t have ill intentions toward her.”

Aubree pretended to blame herself, for she knew Estella would never forgive her. After that, she gave Lucian at tentative glance. “

Would you give me the chance to prove myself?” In other words, she was asking if their marriage could come true.

Of course, Lucian understood what she was implying. With a mysterious smile, he replaced his frosty expression with a calm look and said,

It’s time for lunch. You should leave after having lunch here.”

A look of disappointment flashed in Aubree’s eyes when she did not get the answer she wanted.

Even so, she forced herself to cheer up and nodded with a smile. Soon, it was lunchtime. Lucian took Estella to the cafeteria to get their food,

Aubree following behind them. It was her first time queueing up to get food. In no time, she was strangely shoved to the end of the line.

Aubree frantically attempted to return to Lucian’s side, but a few parents got in her way, surrounding her.

They stared at Aubree in admiration. “Ms. Pearson, you’re so amazing.

You’ve got such a good relationship with Mr. Farwell, and you even treat Essie so well by coming all the way here to take care of her.”

Delighted to hear their praises, Aubree smiled. “I’m just carrying out my responsibilities.”

With that, she lifted her gaze and looked at Lucian shyly and fearfully. “I’ve always heard rumors about you being a pretty person.

Now that I’ve seen you in person, I can finally confirm that the rumors are true. Both you and Mr. Farwell are a fantastic couple.”

“Essie never lets anyone get close to her, but she didn’t struggle when you hugged her. She must like you, Ms. Pearson.”

hen Roxanne took Archie and Benny to sit in the corner, she heard the parents’ praises and could not help but feel conflicted.

Lifting her gaze, she saw Estella, whose hand was being held by Lucian. A feeling of concern filled Roxanne’s heart again.

Aubree treated Essie so harshly last time. Will she really treat Essie well? Besides, Essie’s terrified of Aubree…

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