His And Her Marriage Chapter 266

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 266 – Not wanting to attract attention to herself, Roxanne interrupted coldly.

“Since Ms. Pearson is back and Essie’s tree has been planted, I think you should take Essie and go back with Ms. Pearson,
Mr. Farwell.”Hearing that, Aubree shot to her feet and glanced at Lucian with a grin.

Aubree’s motive for coming was to prevent Lucian and Roxanne from spending time with each other.
Now that Roxanne had suggested the idea herself, Aubree could not be happier.

Lucian’s gaze turned grim when he heard Roxanne’s words. He looked at her with a frown and said, “Ms. Jarvis, you helped me
and Essie to plant the tree just now. I can’t just leave like that.

Besides, there’s one more tree left. Let’s plant it together.” Roxanne furrowed her brows. When she was about to turn down his suggestion, Estella called out timidly, “Ms. Jarvis…”Roxanne’s heart softened. She turned around, only to notice the look of aversion on Estella’s face.

Clearly, Estella was traumatized by what Aubree had done to her previously. She was still afraid of her. I’d love to keep Essie with me if possible, but we’re
not even related. I can’t do anything about it even if I want to protect her.

After pondering for a moment, Roxanne lowered her eyes and agreed, “Since you’ve said that, Mr. Farwell, I’m afraid. ’ll have to trouble you,
then.”Lucian’s expression relaxed. He picked up the shovel and continued filling up the holes.

Meanwhile, Estella’s mood lifted when she realized Roxanne would not leave her. Smiling, she joined the boys to fill the holes.

All of a sudden, Aubree was neglected by everyone.After a moment of silence, Aubree mustered her courage and made up her mind to take Lucian away from Roxanne She asked, “Lucian, you must be tired.

Why don’t you stop and get some rest?”However, Lucian did not stop. It was as ifhe did not hear her voice at all.Aubree gritted her teeth in anger.

Shesummoned her courage and reached outto take the shovel in his hand.Archie and Benny could not stand it anymore.

Stopping whatever he was doing, Archie looked at Aubree innocently.

“Ms. Pearson, if you’re that worried, shouldn’t Essie be the one you’re worried about? Mr. Farwell has only filled in a few holes.

It should be a piece of cake for adults, shouldn’t it? Look at Essie. She’s all sweaty already.”

“Didn’t you apologize to Essie earlier? Do you not mean it?” Benny added.The boys’ words caused Aubree’s face to turn ashen.

he pinched her palm tosuppress her anger.Now that the boys had spoken, Aubree had no choice but to give up on Lucian and walk over to Estella.

She asked patiently. “Essie, are you tired? I’ll take you out to get something yummy to eat.

Would you like that?”Estella shrunk away, biting her lip without saying anything while lifting her gaze to look at Roxanne.

Roxanne felt bad for Estella, but she did not know what to say.After all, Aubree was Lucian’s fiancée, and it was made known to the public.

Moreover, she was also Estella’s future mother. Roxanne basically had no rightto interfere with their matters.

Seeing that she was not responding, Aubree smirked and pulled Estella into her embrace.Estella struggled, but it only made Aubree hug her tighter.

In the end, she could only bite her lip and allow Aubree to hug her.

When Lucian saw Estella being so quiet, he thought that she did not hate Aubree that much. Aubree did not dare to bully Estella in Lucian’s presence.

Thus, she, too, did not speak. After planting the last tree, Roxanne suggested again for Lucian to leave with Estella and Aubree. Lucian nodded silently.

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