His And Her Marriage Chapter 264

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 264 – Lucian frowned in frustration as he found the shovel extremely unwieldy.

While struggling with it, he felt Roxanne’s gentle gaze on him and looked up in response.

As their eyes met, Roxanne quickly retracted her gaze and put on a neutral expression.

Lucian frowned when he saw her response, but whatever frustration he had earlier seemed to have vanished completely.

He then turned toward a staff and said, “Excuse me, I’m having some difficulty using this. Could you please show me how to use it?”

The staff had been observing him from the side for quite some time.

He had wanted to tell Lucian that he was doing it wrong but held himself back when he saw how intimidating Lucian looked.

Seeing as Lucian had asked him for assistance, he quickly stepped forward to perform a quick demonstration.

Even Lucian chuckled in amusement when he saw the staff’s technique and realized how funny he looked earlier.

Playvolume00:00/00:00TruvidfullScreen Having learned the proper way to use a shovel, they were able to speed up the process of filling up the holes

The five of them then worked together to finish planting the saplings.

The three kids would chat with Roxanne from time to time while Lucian watched on quietly from the side.

“Are you guys a family?” the staff asked curiously when he saw them having a great time together.

Both Roxanne and Lucian froze when they heard that. “Why do you ask?” Lucian asked before Roxanne could say anything.

Not only did he not deny that staff’s statement, but he’d also give the staff the wrong idea with that question of his!

Roxanne frowned in displeasure at the thought of that. “Well, I just thought you all looked a lot like a family.

On top of that, these three kids look just like you two,” the staff replied without giving it much thought.

Whatever displeasure Roxanne felt had turned into uneasiness in an instant.

She really wanted to keep it a secret, but Archie and Benny did look a lot like Lucian.

However, the resemblance wasn’t that obvious as they were still very young, so Lucian didn’t notice it at all.

As such, she was afraid that Lucian would pay more attention to Archie and Benny after hearing the staff’s comment and finding out about their true

Lucian arched an eyebrow and stared at the kids in response. While they did look a little similar to each other, he didn’t think much about it.

Since all three of them were Roxanne’s children, it was common for kids to take after their mother’s appearance.

“You guys sure make a lovely family!” the staff exclaimed when he saw that Lucian didn’t deny it.

Surely enough, Lucian wasn’t about to deny that statement either.

Roxanne snapped out of her train of thought and told the staff coldly, “I’m afraid you’ve gotten the wrong idea. We’re not a family.

We just happened to be put on the same team because the kids are close friends.”

The staff was shocked by her explanation. “Is that so? My apologies for making such an assumption.

I just thought you guys were a family because you were all getting along so well…”

“That’s all right. I just wanted to clear up the misunderstanding. That’s all,” Roxanne said with a forced smile.

The staff nodded profusely in response.

Lucian had a gloomy look in his eyes as he stared at Roxanne from the side.

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