His And Her Marriage Chapter 263

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 263 – Roxanne had collected three saplings as she wanted to join her two kids in planting trees.

Archie and Benny were so excited about the event that they wokeup really early that morning.

Naturally, Roxanne didn’t want to let them down after seeing their enthusiasm.

After receiving their saplings, the three of them followed the instructions of the staff and began digging at their designated spot.

Roxanne had deliberately put on a matching sports attire so she could join Archie and Benny in digging the holes.

With all three of them working together as a team, they were able to finish digging the first hole fairly quickly.

They were about to proceed with digging the second hole when a childish voice rang intheir ears.

“Ms. Jarvis!” Estella shouted excitedly while standing next to Roxanne. Roxanne paused and glanced at her in shock.

“Essie? What are you doing here?” If I remember it correctly, Essie’s spot should be on the opposite side…

“I’m on your team, Ms. Jarvis!” Estella replied with an innocent look on her face.

Roxanne had confusion written all over her face. Huh? She’s on my team? What does that mean?

Lucian interrupted her train of thought as he came over and said, “Essie couldn’t stand being away from you guys.

I told Ms. Ward about it earlier, and she allowed US to join your team. Would that be okay with you, Ms.

Jarvis?” Roxanne frowned upon hearing that. Of course not! Everyone is looking in our direction just because he’s standing next to me!

I don’t want any more trouble from people like that woman fromlast night!

The look in Estella’s eyes slowly turned gloomy when she got no response from her.

“Ms. Jarvis…” Roxanne’s heart softened when she saw how sad Estella looked. “All right, Essie.

You can join Archie and Benny if you’d like,” she said while moving aside to make space for Estella.

Since she had collected three saplings, she let the three kids have one each.

The kids were quite excited as it was their first time participating in such an activity, and having Roxanne accompany them only elevated their mood even

As Archie and Benny were physically stronger, they were able to get the job done rather easily.

Estella, on the other hand, struggled with it and got herself all muddy in just a matter of minutes.

Even so, she didn’t seem bothered at all and continued digging with a smile on her face.

Roxanne chuckled in amusement when she saw how cute Estel la looked.

She then stepped forward to lend her a hand and placed the sapling into the hole she dug. After that, she helped them hold the saplings in place while they filled the holes up with soil.

Lucian borrowed a shovel from one of the staff and helped them fill up the holes.

As it was the kids’ first time using a shovel, they struggled a lot with it.

Due to how much their hands were shaking, there was barely any soil left on the shovel by the time it reached the hole.

Roxanne wasn’t too concerned as Lucian was around to help them out, but they were taking far too long to fill up the holes.

Upon glancing at Lucian out of curiosity, Roxanne nearly burst out laughing when she saw how awkward he looked when using the shovel.

Oh, right! I almost forgot! Someone of Lucian’s status would never use a shovel like this!

Also, he’s probably the first person I’ve ever seen use a shovel whilewearing a coat and leather shoes!

Despite him being a grown man, he doesn’t seem to be doing any better than the kids.

The only advantage he has over them is being able to have more soil in his shovel due to its size.

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