His And Her Marriage Chapter 227

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 227 – D’mn it! Who the f*ck is ruining my fun?” The doctor covered his waist in pain and scrambled to his feet.
Before he could take a good look at the person standing before him, he was kicked again in the abdomen.

That person kickedhim so hard that he instantly broke into a cold sweat. He bent over and couldn’t say a word for a long moment. Roxanne stared at the man who exuded a cold and indifferent aura before her, and she was startled.

But then, her heart was finally at ease at his presence. “Control your hand, or i will ask someone else to chop it off for you if you don’t appreciate it enough.” The person who had come to Roxanne’s rescue was none other than Lucian.

He was in his expensive customized suit, his hair combed to the back, revealing his sharp features. His thin lips were pursed, and his eyes were filled with a ruthless glint. Dr. Chambers finally came to his senses.

When he looked up again and noticed Lucian’s expression, he understood Lucian was not making an empty threat,

and his face immediately turned pale with fright. “This is a misunderstanding! I know Ms. Jarvis!” he quickly explained. “I was wondering if Ms. Jarvis
wanted to have a drink with me! That’s all!”

After saying that, he looked at Roxanne pleadingly. Roxanne remembered his perverted face from earlier, and her expression turned cold. “I know him, but Dr. Chambers’ actions earlier suggested that he wasn’t only intending to buy me a drink!”

Seeing how Lucian’s expression had turned gloomier after Roxanne said that, the doctor shuddered in fear.

Meanwhile, noticing Lucian had not returned to the private room for a long time, Cayden came out looking for him.

That was when he saw the scene and quickly ran over to them. “Mr. Farwell.” Lucian withdrew his gaze from the doctor and ordered coldly,

“Take this guy away. Also, run a background check on him and teach him a lesson.”

Glancing at the doctor next to him, Cayden lowered his head and nodded in response.

The doctor’s legs gave way, and he was practically dragged away by Cayden.

Roxanne and Lucian were left alone in the corridor. Staring at Lucian, who was still looking indifferent before her, Roxanne frowned slightly and got wary as she asked. “Why are you here?”

She felt it was too much of a coincidence for him to be in the same place as her.

Lucian did not answer her question but instead eyed her from head to toe. She was dressed in a formal suit with a collared shirt inside, making
her look elegant yet, at the same time, mischievous..

Her flared trousers highlighted her long legs, and her long hair stuck behind her ears gave more exposure to her fair neck. Under the light, she seemed to
be glowing: Perhaps it was because she had had several drinks before.

A layer of mist had formed in her eyes. Her staring at him calmly with a slight wariness in her gaze made her look like a terrified deer.

Lucian’s gaze darkened a little when he took in her expression.

There was no telling if it was the influence of alcohol, but her attempt to keep a distance from him made her look a little enticing to him. After waiting
a long while and still not getting a response from him, Roxanne pursed her lips and withdrew her gaze.

“Mr. Farwell, thank you for helping me. If there’s nothing else, I will excuse myself now. My seniors are still waiting for me.”

She was about to walk past him after saying that. Just when she brushed past his shoulders, she heard Lucian saying,

“Ms. Jarvis, I hope you don’t misunderstand anything. I didn’t have a choice but to come here to settle something at work, and I didn’t expect to run into you here.”

Lucian gave her a sideways glance, and his tone sounded ambiguous as he continued,

“I think it was the same last time! helped you out, but you didn’t say or do anything in return.

Instead, you treated me the same as those perverts, trying to put as much distance between us as possible.”

They stood very near each other, and it was unknown whose stench of alcohol was lingering between them.

Roxanne recalled the first time she had seen him at the hotel after she returned to the country, and she frowned at the memory.

Although she refused to acknowledge it, she knew Lucian was telling the truth.

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