His And Her Marriage Chapter 226

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 226 – Everyone at the dining table looked at Roxanne with more admiration.

They even had the urge to take her in as their disciple. However, recalling that she had rejected even Gerald‘s offer, they felt embarrassed to speak up.Gerald quickly changed the topic, but the conversation still stayed within the medical field.

Because of Roxanne‘s performance earlier in the afternoon, whenever Gerald raised new questions in the conversation, everyone would immediately turn their gazes to her.

Roxanne felt as though she had joined another conference, with everyone placing the main focus on her.

Fortunately for her, such an atmosphere did not last long. Gerald soon realized the atmosphere had turned a little too solemn f or the occasion, so he quickly navigated the conversation to something more relaxing.

Being the juniors among everyone else, Roxanne and Larry became their main targets to tease.

Whenever a senior offered her drinks, Roxanne couldn‘t find an excuse to reject them. She would accept every drink her seniors gave her.

After having several drinks in a row and noticing how her seniors still intended to give her more, Roxanne quickly made an excuse
to go to the washroom when she was only finding an opportunity to leave the private room to get some fresh air.

The restaurant was named Ocean Restaurant, and its decoration mainly was in dark blue with a touch of white, which gave the restaurant a mysterious yet calming atmosphere.

After wandering around the door to the private room, Roxanne finally felt sober. She knew she couldn‘t make her seniors wait for too long, so she
decided to head back inside the private room.“Dr. Jarvis?

”Right after she turned around, she ran into a middle–aged man. His white shirt seemed a little too tight because of his beer
belly, and the buttons on his shirt seemed as though they could pop at any moment.

Also, the man‘s cheeks were flushed, indicating that he was drunk. Seeing that Roxanne had turned around to look at him, the middle–
aged man took a couple of steps forward.

He looked as if he was about to stick his face closer at Roxanne to confirm if he recognized her correctly. Roxanne frowned and stepped back, putting some distance between them before greeting, “Dr. Chambers, it‘s been a while.”

The middleaged man was a doctor working in the hospital that was a partner of Roxanne‘s research institute. Roxanne had only met him several times before this, and aside from his last name Chambers, Roxanne knew nothing else about him.

Seeing that he didn‘t mistake another person for her, he got bolder and looked at Roxanne in a perverted manner. “I remember thinking you‘re beautiful when we met at the research institute.

Dr. Jarvis, now that I‘ve seen you out of your research lab coat, I realize that not only you‘re beautiful, but you also have
a great body.”As he spoke, he slowly approached Roxanne. “Look at your face. It‘s glowing.

Let me touch it…”Noticing that he had stretched out his greasy hand toward her, Roxanne felt disgusted and slapped his hand a
way. “Dr. Chambers, you should know your boundaries!”

He was startled for a couple of seconds before realizing she had slapped his hand away. He frowned and glared at her. “Ho
w dare you hit me?”Roxanne refused to dwell on this any longer with him, so she tried to make her way past him.

However, he strode forward and blocked her path. “Are you trying to walk away from me after hitting me? As if
I‘ll let that happen!”After saying that, he shifted his gaze lower to her slender waist, and the anger in his eyes dissipated a little.

“Spend the night with me, and I‘ll forget what happened today. What do you say?” “If you dare come any closer to me, I‘ll
call security!”

Roxanne warned, having been forced to a corner.He was unbothered as he tried to snake his arm around her waist.

Greed and lust were written all over his face. “Sure. Call them if you don‘t mind. We can always let them watch us have fun!”

His body was about to cover hers, and Roxanne knew she was at a disadvantage if she tried to resist him with physical strength.

As she racked her brains to come up with an escape plan, the stench of alcohol slowly filled her nostrils.

Just when Roxanne was slowly getting into despair, she heard a grunt. In the NeXT second, he was sent flying away from her.

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