His And Her Marriage Chapter 218

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 218 – “Mr. Farwell, is there anything I can help you with?”

Roxanne halted in her tracks and turned around to look at Lucian as if he was just a stranger.

Upon meeting her gaze, Lucian furrowed his eyebrows.

The attitude Roxanne had now was as distant as the time when they first got divorced. It was the same attitude that had caused Lucian to perform unexpected acts.

Back then, Lucian thought Roxanne would really disappear from his life if he did not attract her attention.

As Lucian did not answer, Roxanne tugged her wrist back with a frown. “If there‘s nothing much, please let go of me. I still need to go to work.”
Both their outstanding looks quickly garnered attention.

After all, not only were they attractive, but the parents of the kindergarten were not ordinary people.

Thus, most of them knew who Lucian was. Many of them had already turned around to look in their direction.

Roxanne feared it would be too scandalous if they continued to be seen with each other for another second longer.
If that happened, she would soon be facing a lot of trouble.

Lucian finally snapped to his senses when he noticed her struggle. While loosening the grip on her hands, he spoke with a complicated expression.

“After talking with Estella yesterday, I realized that her speedy recovery was mostly because of your efforts.

Thus, it‘s only right for me to show you my appreciation.” Not only was that an excuse to ask Roxanne to stay behind, but it was
also something he meant from the bottom of his heart after his experience the day before.

At first, Lucian thought Roxanne was just someone to cheer Estella up by staying by her side.

Thus, he did not expect Roxanne to bring such a significant impact on Estella. It must have taken Roxanne a great deal of effort to make Estella talk again.

Upon hearing that, Roxanne replied blandly, “That‘s all right. You have helped me quite a lot recently. Besides, I‘ve told you that we
don‘t owe each other anything, so there‘s no need for that.”

After saying that, Roxanne nodded before making her way past him and into the car.

“Perhaps, you can see the gesture as I‘m trying to get on your good side,” Lucian started lowly. Roxanne halted her steps, unsure what he was trying to say.

Looking at the woman standing beside her, Lucian pursed his lips indifferently. “If I remember correctly, you once said that the children are innocent and should not get involved in our matters. However, does this only apply to Archie and Benny?”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne turned around and met his gaze. “What do you mean?” Lucian raised an eyebrow. “You know that Essie likes you and would feel sad if she doesn‘t see you.

However, you refused to meet her multiple times, knowing that this might cause her condition to worsen. Isn’t Essie innocent in this matter?

I don‘t mind if it‘s me you want to avoid, but the red’s no need to do the same thing on her as well.” Roxanne was promptly taken aback when she heard that.

.Although she had considered if Estella would feel upset for not seeing her, Roxanne dismissed the thought as she had never seen herself as someone
important. Besides, Lucian would definitely take good care of Estella.

Besides, Lucian would pick up and drop off Estella every day. If Roxanne did not deliberately avoid them, there was a high chance she would bump into them. “Essie has been sad that she didn‘t get to see you. However, as her father, I admit I‘m not on the best terms with you.

Thus, what I can do is treat you to a meal to thank you for taking care of Essie, and also take this opportunity to ask you to spend more time with her.” Lucian‘s tone was polite yet distant, leaving no room for argument.

Although Roxanne did feel guilty toward Estella, she furrowed her eyebrows upon hearing Lucian‘s ending statement.

“Perhaps you‘re too used to doing business, but let me tell you that not all matters can be solved with a meal or two. I‘ll head to work now if y ou have nothing else to say.

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