His And Her Marriage Chapter 217

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 217 – The following day when Roxanne woke up, she realized it was almost half past seven
Immediately, she got out of bed and washed up.

Without having time to eat breakfast, she hurriedly brought the kids to the kindergarten.

As Lisa was only in charge of picking the kids up, it was Roxanne‘s job to send them to the kindergarten on the way to work.
In order to avoid Lucian, Roxanne had been leaving the house very early in the past few days.

However, she could not wake up that day because she had worked late the night before.

Thus, Roxanne spent her whole journey praying she could avoid seeing Lucian.

However, things did not go her way. When she got out of the car, a Bentley with a familiar–looking number plate stopped behind her car.
A moment later, Lucian brought Estella out of the car.

Roxanne could not help but quicken her pace, wanting to send the kids inside the kindergarten as soon as possible and leave unnoticed.

“Good morning, Ms. Jarvis!” Pippa greeted her warmly. Upon hearing that, Roxanne‘s heart sank as she stopped in her tracks.

Meanwhile, Lucian had already recognized the Mercedes– Benz in front of him when he got out of the car. When he looked over, he saw the figure of a woman leading two kids away.

It was obvious that the three were in a hurry. Thus, one would not believe it if Roxanne argued that she was not trying to avoid Lucian.

While standing hand in hand with her father, Estella‘s eyes drooped as she stared at the ground.

It looks like I won‘t be seeing Ms. Jarvis today either. Thus, when she heard the teacher‘s words, her eyes lit up as she immediately looked toward the kindergarten entrance.

“Ms. Jarvis!” Lucian had come up with all sorts of ways to make talk that day, yet all it took was one look at Roxanne for Estella to yelp excitedly.

Furrowing his eyebrows mysteriously, Lucian loosened his grip on Estella‘s hand and allowed her to run over to Roxanne.

Roxanne had stiffened upon hearing Estella‘s voice and turned around a moment later. Tilting her head to
look up at Roxanne, Estella hugged onto her thigh, her eyes filled with excitement.

“You‘re here, Essie.” Roxanne‘s heart softened when she saw Estella‘s face. Then, Roxanna squatted down to pat the little girl‘s head.

Estella nodded with a smile before slowly asking, “Ms. Jarvis, why didn‘t you pick Archie and Benny up from the kindergarten?”

After saying that, she put up four fingers and added coquettishly, “Four days. I miss you a lot.”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne‘s gaze softened as she struggled for an answer. Although Roxanne knew Estella would be anxious if she did not see her, she also needed to avoid Lucian.

Thus, Roxanne had no choice but to do so. When Roxanne saw how upset Estella was, she felt guilty.

After staying silent for a moment, she forced an excuse. “I miss you to o. I‘ve been busy with work lately, so I don‘t have the time to pick them up from kindergarten.

Don‘t worry. You‘ll soon see me every day after I finish my work.” After saying that, she averted her gaze in guilt.
However, Estella had taken her word seriously and nodded obediently. “I‘ll wait for you!”

Roxanne forced a smile. “Good girl. You‘re going to be late, so you should he ad inside with Archie and Benny.”

After saying that, she could not help but advise her two children, “Remember to take good care of her.”

Archie and Benny were confused after seeing their mother‘s attitude toward Estella. Thus, they hesitated for a moment before nodding obediently.

After seeing them entering the kindergarten, Roxanne stood up and nodded at Lucian, who was behind her, as a greeting.

Then, she turned around and was about to leave. However, a large hand grabbed her wrist after she had just taken two steps.

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