His And Her Marriage Chapter 188

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 188 – Estella refused to go home with him because she wanted to see Roxanne.

That was why Lucian had no choice but to wait at a corner. Never had he expected to hear such news. Estella gave Lucian an anxious look and grabbed his sleeve. “Ms. Jarvis-” Lucian knew what his daughter wanted to ask, so he helped her finish her question. “What happened to Ms. Jarvis?

Lysa, who knew nothing about their story, told them what happened to Roxanne, “Ms. Jarvis hadn’t been feeling well when she got home last night.
I thought she was exhausted, but when I checked on her at noon, she had already come down with a fever.

I have to get back to take care of her now.” She then held the boys’ hands and left. Archie and Benny left in haste and did not even bid Estella goodbye. Estella’s eyes started turning red. She could not help but mumble in a soft voice, “Ms. Jarvis-”

Lucian looked at the little girl and hesitated for a moment. He then asked his driver to follow Lysa’s car so that they could visit Roxanne.
The boys were so worried about their mother that they ran straight into her room.

They did not even say anything when Lucian came into the house. Lysa did not stop Lucian and Estella from going upstairs either.
Roxanne was woken up by the boys when they opened the door. She opened her eyes and saw two pairs of doe eyes staring at her.

“Mommy, how are you? You must be feeling very uncomfortable.” Archie touched her forehead and was taken aback by the heat.
Roxanne responded with a comforting smile. “It’s just fever. It’ll go away once I have enough sleep.”

uddenly, she heard a little girl’s voice. “Ms. Jarvis-” Roxanne froze for a bit. She tilted her head aside and saw Estella fussing with the edge of the bedsheet and gave Roxanne a worried look. Essie? Why is she here?

Instinctively, Roxanne looked in the door’s direction and saw a slender figure standing by the entrance. After meeting her gaze, the man frowned and entered the room. “High fever?” With mixed emotions surging in her heart, Roxanne looked away and said calmly, “It’s not a big problem.

I’m a doctor, so I know my body well. I’ll get better once I get enough sleep.” Lysa could not help but refute, “You’ve been sleeping for almost twenty four
hours, but you still didn’t get better. Why don’t you go to the hospital?” The man narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

Roxanne clenched her fists for a second, but she was so dizzy that she could not think of a way to say no to the suggestion. She knew she had a high fever. In fact, she waited for Lysa to come home so they could go to the hospital together.

Never did she expect Lucian to be there. Archie and Benny, too, were worried about their mother. “Mommy, we’ll go to the hospital with you. You’ll feel better once the doctor gives you a jab. You’d always give us a jab whenever we have a fever.”

The boys then grabbed her hands and helped her sit up. Estella was so exasperated that her eyes turned red. Seeing how anxious the kids were, Roxanne had no choice but to listen to them. She nodded and looked at Lysa. “Could you come with me to the hospital?”

The two boys insisted on accompanying her, but Roxanne turned them down with a frown. “You boys just stay home and rest, okay? I’ll be back very
soon.” She did not want her children to go out at this hour.

Before Lysa could say yes, Lucian’s deep voice emerged from the back. “I’ll take you. Lisa can stay home and take care of the kids.”

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