His And Her Marriage Chapter 187

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 187 – Back at the mansion, Lysa had been waiting for them to return and have dinner for quite some time.

When she saw everyone entering the house, she hurried to them and asked, “What happened? Why is everyone home so late?”
Roxanne forced a smile and answered, “It’s nothing. I had to work overtime.

Please babysit the kids. I’m a little tired, so I think I’ll go to bed now.” When Lysa saw how pale and tired Roxanne looked, she agreed to babysit
right away. Roxanne cooed her kids a little, then retired to her own room.

When Lysa finished making breakfast the next morning, she realized that Roxanne was still nowhere to be seen. The kids, on the other hand, had already made their way downstairs. They even dressed themselves up. “You boys eat away. I’ll go check on your mother,” said Lysa.

She was a little worried when she recalled how tired Roxanne looked the previous night .However, the kids stopped her in her tracks when they heard what she said. “There is no need for that. Mommy is always tired after she has performed surgery.

Let her sleep in. Wake her up only if she is still asleep in the afternoon.”Lysa hesitated for a moment, but she eventually agreed to do as they said.
She made sure the boys had their breakfast, then took them to the kindergarten.

It was rather late by the time she got home, but Roxanne was still sleeping. Nevertheless, Lysa decided that she wouldn’t disturb Roxanne. She simply made some oatmeal so that the latter had something to eat when she woke up.

Roxanne sprung up from her bed immediately after she woke up and saw the time. It’s eleven o’clock, and the kids are late! She was about to kick her blanket off when she recalled that she had already hired a housekeeper. The kids are probably at school already.

Strangely, Roxanne felt drained after she relaxed. She rested on her bed for a while before someone knocked on her door. “Ms. Jarvis, are you up?” asked Lysa. She had waited for an entire morning and was quick to check on Roxanne when afternoon came around.

Roxanne replied, “Yeah, I’m up. I’ll be right out.” She didn’t realize that her voice had become hoarse until she finished speaking.
Do I have a fever? Nevertheless, Roxanne didn’t pay much attention to it.

She got out of bed and freshened up before going downstairs to have some food. However, her fatigue became more apparent when she walked.
“Ms. Jarvis, why is your face all red?” asked Lysa in a surprised tone as she served Roxanne the bowl of oatmeal she had prepared.

Roxanne frowned and spoke a beat later, “I think I might have a fever. Please find some medicine for me.” In a panic, Lysa quickly searched the medical kit and gave Roxanne some pills. Although she didn’t have any appetite, she forced herself to have some food before she returned to her room to rest.

Roxanne hadn’t expected herself to fall sick so easily. I only performed one surgery. I can’t believe that is all it takes to wear me out so much that I’ve
fallen ill. When did I become so weak? Maybe because she had a fever, her mind became fuzzy soon after.

A flurry of thoughts flashed past her mind, and she fell asleep. That night, Lisa noticed that Roxanne was still resting and guessed that the
latter hadn’t recovered. Hence, she went to the kindergarten to pick the boys up.

When she reached the place, she saw Estella hanging out around the boys. Disappointment flashed past Estella’s eyes when she saw Lysa there. Archie and Benny knew that Estella missed their mommy and worried that she would refuse to go home like she did the day before.

Hence, one of them took the initiative to ask, “Where is Mommy?” Lysa was worried about Roxanne, who was all alone at home at the time.
Hearing that question brought a worried frown to Lysa’s brows. “Ms. Jarvis is sick and is resting at home. Let’s hurry back.”

Both boys became anxious when they heard that. They had assumed their mommy would recover soon after resting for a bit,
just like usual. They didn’t expect her to be so tired that she fell ill.

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