His And Her Marriage Chapter 153

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 153 – His Speech Moved Her

Lucian and Cayden brought the boxes of toys to Roxanne’s car. Then, they said goodbye and left. After getting into the car, Cayden hesitated and asked, “Mr. Farwell, are you not going to spend more time with Ms. Estella?”

Ms. Estella has been staying in Roxanne’s home all this while and rarely interacts with Mr. Farwell. I’m concerned they would grow distant from the lack of interaction. Lucian shook his head but did not say anything. Archie and Benny have not truly forgiven me.

I have already followed them for a day and finally managed to redeem myself a little through gifts. If I continued to follow them, I would lose the little goodwill I received. Lucian felt his head throbbing as he thought about Archie and Benny’s attitude toward him.

Suddenly, a phone rang in the car. Lucian adjusted his emotions and answered the call with a frown, “What is the matter?” It was a call from Jonathan. “Lucian, are you free in a couple of days? It will be my grandpa’s seventieth birthday soon. Initially, we did not plan to organize a banquet.

However, he has become much healthier recently, so we plan to have a huge celebration. You must come to the banquet!” Lucian replied in a deep voice, “Sure, I will spare some time to attend it.” Alfred had treated Lucian well. Furthermore, Lucian worked hard to find a way to cure Alfred.

Therefore, he planned to attend Alfred’s seventieth birthday banquet. Meanwhile, Roxanne went home with the three children. Archie and Benny could not wait to unbox the figurines the instant they got home. They played with the figurines until midnight.

Since they did not have to go to school the next day, Roxanne did not stop them but coaxed Estella to sleep. The following morning, Roxanne let Catalina take care of the children while she went to the Queen residence to treat Alfred’s illness.

Jonathan was present during the treatment and discussed the details of the birthday banquet with Alfred. Suddenly, Jonathan turned to Roxanne and asked, “Dr. Jarvis, will you be free to attend Grandpa’s birthday banquet in a couple of days? I can include you on the invitation list.”

Roxanne had just finished with Alfred’s medical treatment and was surprised to receive an invitation to the birthday banquet. She had listened to Jonathan and Alfred’s conversation and knew it would be quite the affair.

They had invited many prominent people in Harington and prestigious families that were closely acquainted with the Queen family.
On the other hand, Roxanne was only a newcomer and a little-known doctor in Harington. She believed she had no place at this birthday banquet.

Therefore, Roxanne hesitated and decided to refuse in the end. “I think I’d better not. I’m not good with such opulent social gatherings.”
Hearing her, Alfred responded immediately, “Dr. Jarvis, it is all thanks to you that I can have a birthday banquet this time.

If not for your efforts, I would still be bedridden! Therefore, I hope you can attend this birthday banquet. It would make me happy to have you there. Also, don’t worry. If you dislike socializing, I will make sure that no one disturbs you.”

Roxanne did not know how to refuse in the face of Alfred’s enthusiastic invitation. Then, Jonathan smiled and added, “Even if you are not good at socializing, you will still have to learn it eventually.

You are now in charge of a research institute, so you will have to interact with these people. Furthermore, you can use this opportunity to get to know some of them. Who knows? You might bring good business opportunities to the research institute.” Those words struck a chord with Roxanne.

Therefore, Roxanne nodded and said, “Thank you for having such good regard for me, Old Mr. Queen.
In that case, I shall accept the invitation and will show up on time.”

Before leaving, Roxanne briefly explained the subsequent treatment to Alfred, “You have one session of treatment left.
After this, you only have to rest and recuperate.

I will prescribe some medicine for you, so you must remember to take them on time. If you do, you will gradually recover.”
Jonathan and Alfred answered in the affirmative and thanked her.

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