His And Her Marriage Chapter 152

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 152 – Presents To Express Apology

oxanne hesitated before asking, “These aren’t for Estella, right?” Lucian admitted to it straight away, “I bought these for Archie and Benny. I’d misspoken a few days ago. After returning home, I thought over what I said and felt I should apologize even though they were children.

I noticed something similar in your house and thought Archie and Benny would like these.” After saying that, Lucian looked at Archie and Benny solemnly and offered a box to them. “I’m sorry for what I said before. I hope these are to your liking.”

Archie and Benny looked at the toys delightedly. It was normal for boys to love robots and race cars. Furthermore, Archie and Benny had much higher IQs than their peers. Therefore, they preferred more complicated toys and were interested in high-tech ones.

They used to badger Roxanne to buy them. However, some of these were too expensive. Although they liked those toys very much, they were sensible and did not mention them to Roxanne. Thus, they were surprised that Lucian knew what they liked.

Benny could not resist taking a couple of steps toward Lucian and looking into the box. It contained all the toys he coveted on the website. He nearly used the small fortune Archie earned in stock trading to get them, causing Archie to scold him.

Although Archie liked the toys, he could not forget that Lucian abandoned his mother. He stood still with a stern expression but could not resist looking into the boxes. One could see Archie and Benny desired the presents from Lucian.

Benny looked at the toys for a long time before turning to his mother and seeking her opinion. If Mommy disagrees, I will never accept the toys, no matter how much I like them. Roxanne looked at Archie and Benny’s expressions and began to relent.

However, she hesitated again as she looked at the things Lucian was holding. She had noticed Archie and Benny checking out those toy models and figurines on the Web. They were all highly sought-after limited editions.

The race car model Lucian held cost two hundred thousand. Furthermore, the price is still rising due to market demand.
Since Lucian wanted to apologize to the children, she would not stop him from giving them presents.

However, those presents were too expensive. Benny seemed to understand what Roxanne was thinking. He looked at the models longingly before returning to Archie’s side. Still, Roxanne relented when she saw his disappointed expression. Thus, she said, “That’s thoughtful of you. My sons love these toys.

owever, the toys are too expensive, so let me know how much they cost. I will transfer the money to you.” Lucian frowned upon hearing her. “I prepared these presents as an apology, so how can I ask you to pay? Furthermore, you must have spent a lot on Essie’s expenses.

These toys are only a small gift from me. I’m afraid they are not even good enough to express my remorse. Thus, if you insist on paying, there is no sincerity left.” Roxanne hesitated upon hearing his explanation.

Although the money Lucian spent on the gifts was only a minute sum to him, Roxanne still felt uncomfortable accepting the presents. Lucian understood what she was thinking and replied solemnly, “If you insist on paying, I should also pay you much more than this for taking good care of Essie.

You have improved her condition tremendously. Will you be willing to accept my payment?”
Roxanne finally gave up refusing the presents. She nodded toward Archie and Benny.

“Since they are presents from Mr. Farwell, you should accept them.” Hearing her, Archie responded with a polite but detached tone, “Thank you, Mr. Farwell.”

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