Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 35

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 35 – -MILLIE-

“Okay, what’s up with you?” Candice’s fingers were solid restraints around my biceps as she dragged me towards her car.

We were parked on the highway. The rolling hills of Rossendale were behind us, overlooking Malyons Lake on the other side of the road.

Candice’s eyes warily slide behind us. Constance and her fiance Petterson slid out of their rental car, their eyes round in awe, neck strained as they admired Rossendale Hills.

This place was popular with the locals all year round. In winter, skiing down the snow covered hills attract every adrenaline enthusiast.

They even held a competition every year. From spring through summer, wildflowers grow on the bed of green hills, perfect for Constance’s vision of their laid back and boho inspired prenup video. The sunset over Malyon’s lake today was an added perk that we are sure Constance would love.

Constance called our names, her thumbs thrusted up the air while she grinned excitedly. Yep. This place was definitely a sell out.

Then she turned to Petterson; his phone was already up and filming his fiancee’s reaction. Constance made a twirl, her yellow lily-printed summer dress flowing as she moved. She made a few poses for the camera and started gushing about how beautiful Roslin City was to her followers.

Candice tugged on my arm. I glared at her, hissing. “What?!”

My best friend’s eyes thinned; her winged eyeliner made her eyes sharp, they could cut steel. “You know what. Tell me what’s bothering you.”
I shrugged, rubbing my arm when she let go, focusing on the majestic view of nature around us instead of Candice’s probing eyes. “Nothing.”

Back in high school, we used to spend our afternoons on this highway. This place was filled with my childhood memories, and I’m glad I decided to finally come home. Although my reason for coming home was not in the picture anymore, still, I’m happy I continued with my plan.

“You were never a good liar, M Millicent,” her tone was whetted. I winced. This was the downside of knowing someone since you were in kindergarten. “I hate that you can read me like a book. She sighed, the warm summer air sweeping her raven curls. “It’s both a blessing and a curse.”

I blew a breath and leaned against Candice’s car, watching Constance pranced in the middle of the road, Petterson was on her heels with his camera raised in the air, filming everything his fiancee does.

“Is it Damian?” It’s still foreign to my ears when Candice addresses Damian by his name. I was used to hearing them bicker all the time, calling each other names when the other was not around.

I played coy, nudging a pebble on the roadside with my boots. “What makes you think “he” is bothering me “Please,” her narrowed eyes widened as she rolled them at me.

“It was like watching a cheesy romantic movie, you two. Andrea and I noticed something was up since he visited us with lunch in the office. Then, at the party, you disappeared together. Then he drove you to work on Monday. I don’t need a master’s degree to figure s hit out.”

Those were facts, but Candice wouldn’t know how deeply this s hit goes.

When I stayed silent, she pressed for more. “So, are you two like a thing now? Did you do more than smooching over the weekend?”

I groaned, pinning her with a sharp sideways glance. She grinned cheekily. It was my turn to do an eye roll.

Constance and Petterson were now itching up the hill closest to the highway, tracing a path through the bed of wildflowers. At the top of the hill was a lone tree. It was old and huge, and a wood swing hung from its giant branch.

Looking at Constance, there’s no doubt she’d choose us to plan her wedding. She loved all the places in Roslin City we’d visited today.

And what we predicted was happening. This highway was the selling point for this couple to choose Effortless Events “It’s nothing like that.”

I searched my brain for the right words to explain what I was feeling towards Damian, but there was no use in hiding things from Candice.

She would know that I am sugarcoating the galling truth. “Then what is it?” Candice pressed, raising a thumbs up at Constance when she asked if we could stay for another twenty minutes before we headed back to the city.

“Things got complicated in New York.” I murmured. “Hal” Candice’s excited timber was startling. “I knew it! I f ucking knew it. Something happened, right?”

My eyebrows creased. “We didn’t have S**, if that’s what you mean.” He just shoved his fingers in my coochie and made me come like no one ever did before. Damian’s skills were porn worthy. Thoughts of him doing more to me make my knees f ucking buckle.

“P” Candice dismissed. “Sex is not the only thing that could happen between a man and a woman, Millie. So, did he g до down on you, or was it the other way around.”

“Candice!” Scandalized. I nailed her with a questioning look. “I’m not talking about Damian with you that way. brother.”

He’s your We talk about each other’s S** life, but I can’t bring myself to talk about my intimate session with Damina with his sister.

“Step sister, Candice cleared. “He’s not really my brother.” “Well, do you want to hear how your not so brother made me come with his fingers while he sucked on my nipples?”“Ew! Okay,” she grimaced. “Maybe not too detailed.”

“Thought so.” Just to p iss her off, I said, “but he did all that and more.” Her face pruned, daggers shooting from her emerald eyes.

“You wanted to know what my problem is, right?” 1 giggled, eyes rounding on feigning innocence. I took my time collecting my thoughts.

“It started there. I’ve always been attracted to Damian, and this forced proximity our fake relationship forced upon me made it kindle again.

And..” I stared at the tip of my boots. Admitting this to my best friend also felt like acknowledging my stu pid decisions. “And I liked the attention he was giving me. Can.”

Her voice softens. “You fell for him.”

I mulled over my response. “I’m getting there, so I built the boundaries we crossed up again. Then, on Saturday, something happened.”

Candice waited patiently, her eyes round with expectation. Eyes narrowing, I grumbled, “We didn’t have S**. Get your head out of the gutter.”

She giggled and let me continue. Heaving a breath, I prepared myself for Candice’s outburst at what I was about to spill. “I got assaulted in the ladies’ room of the Black Hotel.”

She blinked at me, waiting for confirmation if it was a punchline “You what!?”

Constance and Petterson stopped and looked in our direction. I smiled at them apologetically. If Candice’s emerald eyes could shoot fire, she’d be setting Rossendale Hills on fire by now Candice gripped my shoulder, forcing me to focus my attention on no one but her. “What do you mean, assaulted?”

I told her everything, play-by-play, except for the guy’s threat, I trust Candice with my life, but I don’t want to take risks and put people I care about in danger.

Hunter still hasn’t contacted me about the attack. I remember Damian insisting that Hunter call him for any development about my case, but knowing how stubborn Hunter could be, he’s probably waiting for me to make the call. And until I know more about the guy, I’ll keep things to myself for now.

“You-” “Oh, my g od!” Constance interrupted Candice. “I’m in love with Roslin City! You guys this place is more than perfect for our prenup video, she gushed, unadulterated excitement sparkled in her eyes. “

Right, babea” Petterson threw an arm around Constance’s shoulder, kissing the top of her head. He was remarkably taller than all of us girls, but lanky We had to crane our necks just to meet his gaze. Whatever you want, babe. I just want to marry you.”

I wanted to roll my eyes. He was a total cheeseball, but what the hell do I care about that? Constance had stars in her eyes.

They were so in love it’s nauseating TE “Aw” she leaned on his chest. “We better head back to your office and sign the paperwork.

Better get the show on the road early.”
-“That’s great. Let’s head back, then.” Candice had been working overtime to lock this contract. Constance had a considerable following on social media, and this was a good exposure for Effortless Events. Strangely, she wasn’t even jumping up and down in happiness about Constance’s decision.

Once Constance and Petterson were inside their car, we slid inside our ride, and Candice started where we left off our conversation. But she was less agitated now. The icebreaker definitely tamed her annoyance by a few octaves. “What were you thinking. Millicent? Why would you hide something as big as that from me and your parents?”

“Because of this,” I gestured at her reaction. “I didn’t want you guys to worry.”
She shook her head, stepping on the gas pedal. “That’s selfish, and you know it. You don’t get to rip us off worrying about you That’s what family does”
I I nibbled my lip, staring straight at the windshield as if the yellow highway line were the most stunning sight I had ever seen.

“What are you not telling?” she asked. Again. I hate that she could read me like an open book. “Tell me, or I’ll tell Aunt Lenny
Mom freaking out was the last thing I needed right now.

She’d check out on me twenty-four-seven. Worse, she’d probably stay back in Roslin City for good just so she could watch over me
I sighed, closed my eyes, and dreaded the butterfly effect of what I was about to confess.

“The guy threatened to hurt the people I care about if I told anyone what he said to me.”

“F ucking amateur,” Candice grumbled, slowing her speed when she realized Constance’s car was far behind us. “That could be an empty threat.”
“We don’t know that, Can” I stared at the window, watching Malyon’s lake get smaller and smaller as we wheeled closer to the city. “

I didn’t want to risk it. You’re the only one who knows about this.” “Damian?” I shook my head. “He’s already going to so many lengths to keep an eye on me.”
“I never thought I would say this, but I’m glad Damian is.” Relief was defined in her tone. “

At least someone was watching over your selfish as s” “I’m sorry, okay?” I raised my hand in the air. “My mind is so messed up I don’t even know how I’m able to function these last few days.”

I’m faking it, but I’m constantly looking over my shoulder, afraid of being alone in a room, thinking the guy would pop up from thin air. He definitely succeeded in scaring the s hit out of me.

Candice approached my desk as I gathered my things. Constance and Petterson had just left, and we were getting ready to head home. Andrea left early because Nick was in town. And boy, was I glad she wasn’t here to witness this confrontation.

If Candice gives the lesson with words, Andrea would have her boyfriend handle this situation. “I’m not going to apologize for the things I said to you because what you did was wrong. We call on each other’s s hit.”

1 strapped my messenger bag over my shoulder. “I get it, Can. But I’m not going to apologize either. I did what I did with good intentions.”
Her eyes slan ted. “We’re both f ucking stubborn.” I smiled. “That’s why we are best friends.”

She smiled, and I knew I was already forgiven “I’ll give you a ride home,” Candice said, locking the office.

There’s no use in arguing with her. She and Damian might not be related by blood, but if there’s a common streak between them, it’s their stubbornness to protect the people they care about. I was already inviting Candice to have dinner since Aaron was on a business trip.

But all our plans went out the window when we stepped out of the building.

1 stopped in my tracks, spotting Damian’s car parked in his usual spot. Unlike yesterday, he was in a casual shirt and jeans, leaning against the hood of his Jeep.
I thought I had made myself clear yesterday. What was he doing here? And why is my heart suddenly kicking on my breastbone at the sight of him?

“Guess I’ll have dinner alone, and you’ll have that teriyaki salmon with baby bok choy with your boyfriend.” Candice sang. She waved at Damian, leaving my heart lodged in my throat.

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