Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 34

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 34 – -DAMIAN-

A shiver ran through Millicent’s body; it traveled through my fingers clutching her chin, rippling down to my d ick.

I never realized how f ucking gorgeous Millicent was until this deal started. Red stained her cheeks, lips parted as she breathed heavily.

Her thick lashes fluttered, blinking away the shock that crossed her face. It formed into a defiant gaze that pierced my own.

My co ck jerked. I shouldn’t love that fierce defiance in her eyes, but I f u cking do. Something must be wrong with me because I’m so turned on;

I think my balls are turning dark blue, “For a show,” she stated, aiming to make her point, but her body betrayed her.

Subtly, she s taggered back against the door. her legs wobbling. It had been a struggle to keep everything inside me since Saturday night.

I appeared cool and collected on the outside. Inside, I wanted to pull Millicent into my arms and keep her glued to my side every second of the day.

I want to hunt the f ucker who attacked her, make him bleed in front of her for her forgiveness. And right now, I want to kiss the life out of her and release all this pent-up tension in my body.

Oh, how easy it would be to take advantage of this situation, but I don’t. I’ve never met any woman as hard-headed as her. Can’t she f ucking see how much I worry about her? She’s been on my mind since I drove her to work this morning.

I couldn’t focus on anything. Even the lab result for the Belmont Hotel leaning in our favor didn’t brighten my mood I left work early so I could wait for Millicent to clock out.

I’m glad I f ucking did, because the sneaky little witch left work early. She made it clear she didn’t want me to drive her home. It never crossed my mind how stubborn she could be.

Now she’s babbling nonsense about her being mine for a show? There was an undeniable attraction between us. Even a blind man would see it. She says one thing, but her body’s response to my touch says otherwise. She wanted me, so what’s her deal?

“I’m not a property you can own because we’re fake dating, Darmian.” Her statement stabbed a hot knife in my chest, knocking me back to my senses. She shook her head and pushed me away with little force. I let her because now I realize where this resistance was coming from. “I made a mistake in New York.

This relationship was only meant to save us both from our crazy exes. And I don’t want to jump into another relationship that would surely end me with a broken heart. again. For the second time, she slammed the door in my face, but this time, I knew I deserved that.

“I’m a little hurt that you didn’t come here just to see my awesomeness,” Charlie chuckled, handing me a bottle of beer.

He asked me to come over and look at this BMW R18 a neighbor was selling to him. The bike was in good condition. Charlie mentioned something about his friend moving to Canada or something: I actually zoned out the entire time.

I couldn’t keep things to myself anymore. After leaving Millicent’s place, I drove around town without a destination in mind. My head felt like it would explode from my conflicting thoughts, I wanted to make things right with Millicent, but I also knew she was doing the right thing by keeping me at arm’s length.

I don’t know when it happened, but my attraction to Millicent became so compelling. It was easy to forget what she was to me and my family when my dic k was taking the wheels.

Then Charlie invited me for a beer for the second time this week. So here I am. Charlie can be trusted: 1 just hope he doesn’t spill my secret to Madeline. That girl was like a trigger bomb. One flick, and she’d spill her guts without hesitation.

“I’d f ucking kill you if this gets out,” I groaned, lifting the beer to my lips.

Even though he could afford to buy a place in the city, Charle chose to stay in his childhood home.

His bad made this house of wood, bricks, and glass from scratch A legacy Charlie inherited along with their family futur lainess when las dad died. His mom wanted to sell everything his father had built, but he refused to.

He’d added a few improvements to the place on the back of the house, a platform now stretched towards the lake, cradling the furniture Charlie carved himself in his spare time, Outdoor Chairs, tables, and a concrete fire pit. Cinder danced up into the air as Charlie fed wood into the burning coal.

“Not if Maddie asks He plonked on the chair beside me, close enough so I could slam my list on his shoulder.

His laugh was gleeful. The guy loved to give me sh it, seeing how miserable Lam “Your secret is safe with me, 1” He shook his head, lifting a foot iver his knee.

“I know Sonja That chick is f ucking dime Apart from Millicent, Charlie now knows my f ucked up past with Sonja.

My friends can be brutally honest, but I know they’d have my back in whatever situation I get myself into without judgment. I was the problem. Even to this date, I still blame myself for falling into Sonja’s trap.

“Guess there’s no judging the book by its cover, huh?” He thrusted a steel stick onto the fire, allowing air into the flame.

“I f ucked up, that is,” I stared deep into the slowly growing flame licking upwards towards the darkened sky.

“You made a mistake” Charlie said over the noise of the insects from the trees bordering the lake. It was so peaceful here! could hear my own thoughts.

“What’s important is you making a move to get out of that situation and make things right.”

“By making another mistake, man” I couldn’t recognize the pessimist guy that’s speaking. Dad taught me to look at the bright side of every situation. Up to this day, that’s one lesson I still apply at work and in life, except for this situation with Millicent. I don’t know how to navigate a fake relationship:

“Maybe,” Charlie murmured, sipping his beer. “But what do you really want to happen right now, D I can see you are conflicted
Conflicted would be an understatement. Lost is the right word. “I don’t f ucking know, man. I thought we had an understanding.

Then she suddenly put her walls back up again.” “Which was supposed to be there in the first place, right?” he stated. “You chose Millicent because you’re sure she will not ask for more than what you put in your contract. And she’s living up to that. So what was your deal?” Med it.

why Speaking in front of people was nothing new to me, but I never talked about what I felt. Business, I could handle, but feelings?

They’re an unknown territory to me. The first time I said what I felt and gave my heart to Sonja,, hurled it on the ground, and then crushed it with her heels.

And what Charlie said was the plain and simp am 1 so pis sed that Millicent repainted the lines we crossed in New York?

She coated it in a bright yellow setting us right back on track on this fake engagement.

I stared into the fire, waiting for a piece of paper to appear magically from thin air, bearing the answer to m Charlie sighed heavily, uncrossing his legs.

He rested his elbows on top of his knees, clasping his hands togeth the epitome of a psyche doctor trying to persuade his patient to open up.

“I think I know what’s going on, but influence your thoughts.” I lift my gaze from the fire, pinning him with furrowed brows,

“You said you loved Sonja?” The crease between my brows deepened. “How did you know you loved her?” he asked.

I growled. “What kind of f ucking question is that?” Charlie pushed up his eyeglasses and shook his head “Just answer the f ucking question, man. You’ve been with her in college, then got back together years after separation What makes you think you love her?”

This was starting to sound like a cross-examination. Charlie had units in law before his father died, and he had to stop school and focus on their family business. His childhood dream was to become a lawyer, and it’s still manifesting.

“Come on, man, indulge me. You came here for a reason, and don’t tell me it’s because I invited you for a beer. You’ve turned me down the first five times,” he belched out, sounding amused more than hurt.

Groaning, I leaned back in my seat and stared at the star-filled sky, mulling over his question. “I want to see her all the f ucking time. I breathe into the air. “She was constantly in my head.” “Why?” Charlic pressed.

“I don’t know, man. I can’t stop thinking about how f ucking hot she was. And no woman could get my d ick as hard as she could.” “And now?”
I made an exasperated sound under my throat, glaring at Charlie. His eyes show no judgment whatsoever, only curiosity.

“Now?” “Do you still think about her?” I stopped glaring at Charlie, now a hundred percent focused on his questions. These past months, the only time Sonja crossed my mind was when I saw her in Roslin City. I stopped thinking and dreaming about her when Millicent stepped into my life.

A slow smile stretched Charlie’s lip when I kept silent. “What you feel for Sonja isn’t love, man. That’s lust.”

I would argue with Charlie if he wasn’t in an eight-year relationship with Madeline. He earned the right to pronounce the difference between love and lust and other feelings in general. If it isn’t love that made him loyal to one girl that long. I don’t know what could.

“You’re right about one thing; you can’t stop thinking about her, but not only about how hot she is. But because you wonder what the f uck she’s doing when she’s not with you.

You constantly worry if she’d eaten, took her med at the right time, or if she needs help in reaching something from the top shelf,” he chuckled, a memory crossing his face.

Madeline was a foot and a half shorter than Charlie. He probably worries about her having trouble reaching for things.

“You want do everything with her, shopping, groceries, walking in the park, watching a cheesy romantic movie that makes her smile, cook for her, give her cuddles at night – even without making love you’d be f ucking glad just to be sleeping beside her.”

My heart trashed wildly inside its cage. Was it even possible that I don’t really know what love is? “Love is that st upid little thing that makes your heart pound just seeing her smile, D”

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