Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 338

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 338 – Elisa was overjoyed to see Zachary getting out of the car.

She felt that her persistence had led to some progress. Zachary went from ignoring her to getting out of the car to see her. That was progress indeed.
“Zachary, I prepared breakfast for you.” Elisa quickly brought the breakfast she made with love to him while handing him the bouquet of flowers.

She smiled brightly and said, “I personally snipped these flowers from my garden, trimmed the thorns, and arranged them into a bouquet.
It‘s for you.” Zachary looked at Elisa without any expression on his face. ‘She‘s sending flowers to a grown man.

How exactly did Serenity teach her to pursue me? ‘Is she treating me as a woman?‘ He extended his right arm to receive the bouquet while the left arm took the insulated lunch box. Elisa was immediately feeling ecstatic. ‘Is Zachary accepting me?‘ The next moment,

she saw Zachary wearing a gold ring on his left hand. The gold ring was large and worn on his ring finger. Even if there was no sun today, it
glimmered and shone so brightly that no one could ignore its presence. L “Zachary!” Elisa asked him cautiously, “You…

Why are you wearing that ring on your ring finger?” She forced a smile and carefully explained, “Rings worn on the ring finger are usually wedding bands.”
Zachary turned and left after showing off his ring. He walked to the door of the security guard post and asked in a low voice,

“Where‘s the garbage can?” The security guard hurriedly brought him the garbage can, and Zachary threw away the flowers along with the insulated lunch box.
He turned around, walked toward his car, and got in. He did not explain to Elisa why he was wearing a ring on his ring finger.

As Elisa said, only wedding rings were worn on the ring finger. Its meaning was obvious. Elisa was not a fool, so there was no way she did not
understand. “Drive!” Zachary ordered in a low voice. The driver quickly started the car, passed by Elisa, and entered the building.

Elisa was immobilized as if she had been petrified. She stood there, motionless, as her face grew paler by the second. It turned out that Zachary was not accepting her. He just wanted to throw away the bouquet and the breakfast she made for him with love into the trash can in front of her.

He was even wearing a wedding ring! Elisa had a crush on the man for many years, so she knew his hands had always been clean. He never wore any accessories. Now, he was wearing a ring on his ring finger. Was he telling her that he was married?

However, she had not heard the news that he was married. Could it be that he did not announce the marriage in order to protect his wife?
However, with his status, people would only be jealous of his wife. No one would dare touch her.

Was it necessary to hide the marriage to protect his wife? Or did he deliberately buy a ring and wear it on his ring finger to trick her?
No matter what, Elisa felt that she had to get to the bottom of this.

If Zachary was really married, she would be the third party interfering with his marriage if she continued to pester him. It was not like no one else was
willing to marry her. Even if she was head over heels for Zachary, she would not be the third party in his marriage.

There were plenty of other fish in the sea. I She would never steal another woman‘s man! With that thought, Elisa quickly ran to her sports car and
drove away from York Corporation. She did not go to her love advisor since it was useless in this matter.

She had to find her brother and beg him to help her investigate whether Zachary was married. She went straight to Stone Group.
She was Clive‘s only sister, and Clive doted on his sister dearly. He was famous in Stone Group and even Wilt spoon for that reason.

Therefore, when Elisa drove straight into Stone Group, no one dared to stop her. She darted all the way upstairs and barged into the president‘s office.

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