Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 792

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 792 – Why Did Lucian Suddenly Come Over

The following night, after getting ready, Roxanne headed downstairs and prepared to leave to meet Jack.

The moment she descended the stairs, however, Archie and Benny stopped her. “Mommy, isn’t Mr. Damaris picking you up?”

Despite waiting for a long while, they saw no signs of Lucian. They had no choice but to think of ways to stall for time.

Roxanne was confused when she heard their question. “Mr. Damaris wants to meet our collaborators early, so I’m going there by myself. What’s wrong?”

Unable to think of a response on the spot, Archie and Benny exchanged a look, then flashed a grin and shamelessly blocked Roxanne’s path.

“What’s up with you two?” Roxanne bent down and stared into their eyes. Archie and Benny fell silent again. “

But Mommy, Aunt Madilyn hasn’t arrived yet,” Archie said in piping voice. Roxanne glanced at the time. Madilyn should have left work by now.

Although they had agreed in the morning that Madilyn would come right after work, she was still nowhere to be seen.

Since it was already nighttime, Roxanne was in fact worried about leaving Archie and Benny alone.

“Let me give her a call.” Roxanne took out her phone and called Madilyn, who answered the call immediately.

Before Roxanne could utter a single word, Madilyn’s voice rang out. “Give me ten more minutes! I was stuck in a traffic jam.

Ugh!” Just when Roxanne was about to respond, Madilyn mumbled, “The car in front looks so familiar…”

Roxanne could not help but feel worried when she heard that. “What’s wrong? Is it someone we know?”

The more Madilyn stared at the car ahead, the more familiar it seemed. “Looks like it’s heading toward our residential area.

He’s probably a resident here.” Even after staring at the car for a long while, she still could not figure out who the owner was.

Roxanne did not think too much about it as she said, “Be careful on the road. I’ll leave once you arrive.”“ Okay,” Madilyn said before

hanging up. Upon reaching the entrance of the residential area, Madilyn watched as the car drove in and headed in the same direction as her.

Where have I seen this car before? Madilyn’s expression froze when she saw that Bentley stop in front of Roxanne’s house.

I remember now! It’s Lucian’s car! Didn’t Roxanne say that she’s going to a business-related social event? Why did Lucian suddenly come over?

Are they going together? Madilyn was filled with confusion.

When Lucian knocked on the door, she hesitated, not knowing if she should get out of the car.

After all, she knew very well that Lucian was pursuing Roxanne. If she walked over, she would become the third wheel.

Meanwhile, when Roxanne heard the doorbell, she assumed that Madilyn had arrived. She stood up and opened the door.

“You’re here! I’ll—”Before she could finish her sentence, she looked up and met Lucian’s eyes. Silence filled the air.

With her fingers digging into her palms, Roxanne pretended to be calm and asked, “What are you doing here?”

She looked behind Lucian and saw that Estella wasn’t there. Roxanne’s heart skipped a beat. “Is Essie feeling unwell?”

Lucian would always bring Estella along every time he met her.

Since she was not there, Roxanne assumed that she probably had an allergic reaction. However, Lucian did not respond to her question for a long time.

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