Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 789

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 789 – Will You Be Free

Jack smiled guardedly. “But Herbs cape Group made a condition when they signed the contract.” “What’s the condition?”

Roxanne had a feeling that it had something to do with her. Otherwise, Jack would not have called her on purpose.

“Their boss wants you to attend the contract signing ceremony, which will also be considered a promotion for their company.”

He did not know Herb scape Group’s objective for making Roxanne their gimmick until someone had reminded him of the news about her that had spread all over the internet not long ago.

Although the news had died almost instantly, it was undeniable that it had caused her to be well-known among the younger generation in Horington.

No one knew if her beauty or her medical attainments were the reason for her fame.

With Herb scape Group suddenly announcing that they were working with Damaris Group and releasing news about Roxanne attending the contract
signing ceremony, they would no doubt attract more attention, which would, in turn, cause their status in Horington to rise with the tide.

Jack found it rather amusing when he realized that. It seemed as though he, the eldest son of the Damaris family, was not as great as Roxanne in the eyes of Herb scape Group.

Roxanne was momentarily stunned. After several seconds, she smiled and said,

If my attendance contributes to Herbscape Group’s decision to sign the agreement, I’ll gladly comply.”

Jack fell silent for a while before saying apologetically, “I’m sorry for what happened back then. It’s all because of me. In the end,

I didn’t do anything to help. I’m truly sorry.” Roxanne was suddenly at a loss, uncertain of what he was referring to.

“It was Mr. Farwell who took action against the Hightower family, wasn’t it?” Jack guessed.

When the Hightower family got into trouble, Stephen had gone looking for Hector in hopes of getting the latter’s help to talk to Lucian.

It was only then that Hector had found out what had happened. Hector had always admired Roxanne.

When he found out from Stephen that Jessica had pestered Roxanne after getting drunk and even caused the latter so much trouble, he had stormed off on the spot.

Stephen had been unbelievably livid at that moment. Finally, Roxanne came back to her senses. Jack’s talking about the previous uproar on the internet.

It makes sense now that I think about it. The Hightower family is close to the Damaris family. It’s only normal for Jack to know what happened to them.

She had no choice but to admit, “Mr. Farwell did help me.” Jack smiled understandingly. “Looks like Mr. Farwell treats you differently.”

His words planted a strange feeling in her heart. She held her breath, worried he might say something else.

Thankfully, Jack was a person who knew where to draw the line. When he heard no response from her after his comment, he stopped questioning and returned to the previous topic.

“My grandpa wants me to apologize on his behalf.” His words threw her for a loop again. “You mean Old Mr. Damaris?”

What does that have to do with him?

Jack explained, “We fell for Jessica’s plan because Grandpa didn’t know about the situation and promised Stephen to help her.

Grandpa has been regretting it ever since that incident.” Moved by his explanation, Roxanne smiled and said, “It’s okay.

That matter is already in the past. Besides, Jessica was the one at fault. It has nothing to do with other people.

Anyway, she has already gotten her punishment, and that’s all that’s needed.” After that, Roxanne changed the topic nonchalantly.

“By the way, when is the contract signing ceremony with Herb scape Group?” “Tomorrow night. Will you be free then?” Roxanne agreed.

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