Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 787

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 787 – I Did Not Lie To You Estella faked a nod, turning to the boys and flashing them a grin.

Thanks to Lucian’s sudden appearance, Roxanne felt less guilty toward the children. However, she felt stressed all the same.

Finally, lunch was over. Roxanne had thought Lucian would bring Estella home after lunch. However, to her surprise, Estella was reluctant to leave.

Roxanne had no choice but to let Estella stay and play for a while before seeing them off. That day, Estella was extremely happy.

Not only did she get to play at Roxanne’s house, but she also found out that Aubree was gone.

Estella was grinning from ear to ear during their journey back to the manor.

Lucian, on the other hand, felt conflicted when he saw how happy Estella looked through the rearview mirror.

“Daddy, Benny says you and Ms. Jarvis were in the living room last night. Is that true?” Estella finally asked the question that had been nagging at her all day.

Lucian froze at Estella’s question. Whatever happened last night was done out of his impulse.

Now that he thought about it, he reckoned Roxanne must have been taken aback by his actions. However, it was already too late to regret it.

Truth was, Lucian had also pretended to be calm around Roxanne. Now that Estella was asking him about it, he felt an inexplicable wave of emotions forming in his heart.

Without waiting for Lucian’s reply, Estella pressed further sweetly, “Daddy, what were you and Ms. Jarvis talking about so late at night?

Did you make her angry again?” Lucian could feel his head aching as he listened to her.

He could imagine who Estella would side with if she found out about her relationship with Roxanne.

“Ms. Jarvis came out to have a glass of water, and we talked about your illness,” answered Lucian solemnly.

As to whether he made Roxanne angry, he did not answer that question.

From his point of view, he had merely gone a little overboard when he bullied Roxanne. Did she get angry?

Oh, well. It’s too late to worry about that now. Estella was relieved to hear Lucian’s reply. However, she complained unhappily after that, “Is that all?”

Lucian cocked a brow. “What else should we have talked about?” Estella said matter-of-factly, “You should have also asked her when she would become my mommy!”

Her reply redefined Lucian’s understanding of her. When Estella had refused to speak back then, he had feared she would continue to stay quiet in the future even after she had learned how to speak.

However, she had dismissed all of his worries during this period. Is it because she likes Roxanne a lot? Essie seems to talk a lot when it’s a topic about Roxanne and me.

Most of the time, Estella’s words were as shocking as what he had heard earlier.

If he had not heard it with his own ears, he wouldn’t have believed it was his own daughter who had said that.

Essie glanced at Lucian’s back in disdain. “Daddy, do you not know how to pursue Ms. Jarvis, or were you lying to me back then?”

Her questions made Lucian frown. “I didn’t lie to you.” “Then when will Ms. Jarvis become my mommy?”

Lucian’s eyes darkened, and he said, “I can only promise you I won’t let any other woman apart from Ms. Jarvis become your mommy.”

As for when, he did not tell Estella. In truth, he had already popped the question,

but in a very overwhelming method, which caused Roxanne to be extremely aversive toward him.

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