Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 77

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 77 – Lucian, who was standing at the entrance of the dining room, looked conflicted when he saw Estella finally smiling, It took me so long to coax hcr, yet it was nothing compared to the trio’s words. Not only did she stop crying. she even smiled.

After standing there for some time and watching the boys making Estella grin from ear to car, he stepped into the room, wanting to take her home.
They had only come over because Estella wanted to confirm things with her own eyes.

Now that it was done, it was time for them to go home. As soon as he reached Estella’s side, he heard her stomach growl.
Roxanne frowned. “Have you not had dinner?” Estella pursed her lips and nodded.

Seeing that, Roxanne turned to look at Lucien with a reprimanding gaze. Lucian glanced at her emotionlessly. “I’ve tried talking to her. She’s been
crying all night. She locked herself in the room as soon as she got back without eating or drinking anything.

It was only when I promised to bring her here that she finally stopped. We didn’t manage to have dinner yet.”Roxanne scanned his thin shirt and withdrew her gaze. At the side, Archie looked at Estella concernedly. “We’ve just started eating. Do you want to join us?”

Estella’s eyes lit up, and she nodded fervently. It was at that moment that she finally remembered to ask her father for permission
Lucian hesitated for a few seconds and glanced at Roxanne. “If it’s not too much of a trouble, could you prepare something for her?”

“Do you want to sit between the boys?” Roxanne suggested. Estella beamed instantly. Archie and Benny quickly moved their chairs, making some space so Estella could sit between them. Lucian frowned as he watched Estella sit between the twins.

From his point of view, they looked like a family, while he looked more like a stranger. After helping Estella to settle down and serving her some food, Roxanne looked at the three children sitting side by side and was all smiles. However, the gaze of the man beside her sent chills down her spine.

She stopped smiling and turned around to look at Lucian. As he met her gaze, Lucian composed himself and put on a calm expression.
“What about you?” Roxanne asked casually, repressing her feelings. Upon hearing that, Lucian put on a look of confusion.

Roxanne averted her gaze and glanced at the dishes on the table. “Have you eaten?”
If Essie made a fuss without having dinner, then he must’ve been busy coaxing her the entire night.

Stunned, Lucian stared at her for some time before narrowing his eyes indifferently. Sounding distant, he answered, “I’m fine.

here’s dinner at home. I’ll just heat it up when I get back. It’s just that Essie likes spending time with them. Sorry for troubling you. I’ll just wait in the living room and not disturb you guys.” With that, he cast the three joyful children a final glance before walking out.

When Roxanne heard his words and noticed he was about to leave on an empty stomach, she could not help but purse her lips. “There’s enough food for all of us. Besides, Essie will definitely · feel uneasy if her daddy’s not here.”

Estella lifted her head, her eyes filled with nervousness when she saw Lucian walking out. OU ness Without waiting for Lucian’s reply, Roxanne served him a plate of food and placed it on the table. “Come and join us if you don’t mind.”

Archie frowned slightly at the scene, but he said nothing. Benny, on the other hand, continued eating while secretly glancing at the
man in the distance, feeling excited.

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