Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 72

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 72 – Though Archie was not as skilled as Benny in terms of technology, he understood what was going on.

Pearson Group made zero progress the entire morning. Now that Benny has lost all of a sudden, surely the opponent is an expert, and they are not
someone from Pearson Group.

The whole morning should be enough for Pearson Group to seek help from someone else “It might be… someone from Farwell Group.” That was the only possible answer Archie could think of. Farwell Group’s technical team is well known for being excellent at their job.

Besides, if that woman is really Essie’s mommy, there’s no reason for Pearson Group not to get help from Farwell Group. Upon hearing that, Benny frowned and pursed his lips. He was furious. Though he knew that the woman was Estella’s mother, she was also the woman who bullied his mother.

He could not believe that Lucian had helped Aubree. No way. I must teach them a lesson. At that thought, Benny picked up the laptop again, looking serious, his fingers gliding across the keyboard.

At the same time, the employees of the technical department of Pearson Group stood at their supervisor’s workstation and watched the genius at
work. All they saw were the series of codes constantly appearing on the screen.

It did not take long for the cartoon on the computer screens to disappear one by one. SCIee.“Is it done?” Aubree stood up excitedly. The moment she wanted
to thank her savior, the latter’s expression stiffened. Aubree’s heart, too, sank instantly. “It is, supposedly.

But,” The person frowned, and he watched a code appearing automatically on the screen. It was simpler than the virus earlier.
Vas Si A row of words appeared, which read: Are you from Farwell Group? The hacker is actually talking to me.

The employee hesitated for a moment before replying: Yes. A series of codes appeared on the screen again.
It wrote: How dare you help that evil woman?

I’m angry now! Immediately after that, the conversation on the screen disappeared and was replaced by an attack more complicated than the virus just now.
What’s going on? Who exactly is this?” Aubree’s face turned purple with rage after she read their conversation.

Caught off guard by the attack, the employee ignored her and started battling the hacker, However, he could not help but feel that something was off with the conversation earlier. The hacker has incredible skills, but they sounded a little childish…

In the afternoon, seeing that the person he sent had yet to return to the company, Cayden asked hesitantly, “Mr. Farwell, the person we sent to Pearson Group isn’t back yet. Should we send another person over?” “We’ll wait for the people from Pearson Group to come to us first,

” Lucian said calmly SO After all, every time Pearson Group made a request would mean that they owed Lucian a favor. Cayden hummed in response and changed the topic. “The executive meeting the afternoon will be starting in ten minutes. Would you like to go over now?”

Lucian nodded and went to the conference room, with Cayden following closely behind him.
Along the way, Cayden noticed Lucian occasionally taking his phone out to glance at it.

DCC C In fact, Lucian, who rarely placed his phone beside him during meetings, had been glancing at his phone from the corner of his eye during the meeting.
Cayden was perplexed, but he held back his curiosity until the meeting ended.

“Mr. Farwell, do you have anything important happening today?” he asked cautiously.
As soon as he finished his sentence, he saw Lucian furrow his brows and look rather annoyed.

“No,” Lucian answered coldly. He whipped out his phone and glanced at the screen again. Still, there were no incoming calls.
SC · Seeing that, Lucian put his phone away, his heart filled with displeasure.

I’ve instructed the kindergarten to expel the two children. That woman should’ve known about the news today, but why is she not doing anything?

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